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Messenger problem and two browsers

Hello Alexey , There is a problem with , if I connect two profiles the same pc, but with two different browsers. Both can write in the conversation of the other, without being part of it. In addition, this causes a big disruption in notifications.

It seems like it's definitive, even if I disconnect both profiles, and then I come back with the one who should not have access, the right seems to be open and remain open.

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  • Hello Baloo, 

    Do you mean if you remove any member from the participants list and if removed member hold the talk is opened in browser, he can continue to send messages into it?

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    • Hello Alexey, I'm not sure how I did to create this problem. One thing is certain, it seems that the problem does not occur if I open two browsers with two different members.

      It seems that the problem is posed with a third person "Next" who was external. The count of this person received a notification each time she did enter. And as you can see below, the count of test123 has 78 whereas it only intervened once.

      On the account of Tester, and on the account of "Next", the notifications in excess do not disappear. How can I reset them manually?

      Then I will try to reproduce by noting the details of what I did.

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