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new module required based on point system.

hi guys,

i am looking for a new module that is based on point.

-like i want to hide attachments in post for new people or people who don't have points.

-attachment option should only be available for people who achieve certain level of points.

-points can be achieve by creating post,comment or getting likes for the post or comments, sharing video or files , etc.

each point will allow user to see 10 attachments in post after that user have to get point again ..by above means.

can anyone create a module that can achieve this. also m gonna need update with una. 

thanks and regards,

travis k

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  • hi guys, is there anyone who can create this for me ..i will pay for new module creation.

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    • Hi, travis k ! Just a note that we actually offer custom development service for UNA. There is a fair bit of interest in Points, and usually it's the area where AQBsoft is strongest, but depending on specifics we may be able to offer assistance with this one. Email to support@una.io to plan a detailed discussion if you're interested.

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      • Hi Travis - I work with Andrew support custom implementations and customisations of UNA - happy to work with you to achieve you goals - you can email support@una.io or me directly at mp@una.io 

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        • thank you guys for replying ..i will sent mail for further discussion to support@una.io and mark through my gmail.

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          • Hi Travis - I haven't seen an email from you yet? Do you still need our help?

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