Cannot disable module from "boonex/timeline/" directory

I'm still trying to recover my site from the latest upgrade. All is restored except the Discussions and the Timeline. The Timeline does not work so I assume it can be manually uploaded. However, I cannot de-activate it first. Here is the error message: "Cannot disable module from "boonex/timeline/" directory." 

Thank you for for your consideration.

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  • Is it possible that the Timeline needs to be updated first - before the Discussions module? I successfully reinstalled the Discussions module and cleared the cache but now the site goes blank whenever it is on. 

    It would also seem that the previous forum categories would not be in sync with the new module, which only shows one category - General. Not sure about that. Any ideas for a fix?

    • Interestingly, the Discussions module works until a test post is made. Then the site goes white. However if the test post is deleted, the site come back up.

      • Hello banister!

        Please provide me your UNA studio access via messenger. I'll review this trouble.

        With the best regards, Leonid

        • The reason for this problem was in the not full package of TimeLine module.  So, the proper fix was required to fill all missing files, then deactivate it via TimeLine app menu, then the deleting it via Apps Market. Then the new download there and the new "clean" installation.

          • LeonidS, you saved me from having to do a complete reinstall and lose valuable data in that process. 

            You are a brilliant programmer and an awesome encourager!