Change color for sys-icons and a

How can i change style for icons of menu and title the color for them are

a {
    color: ;

.sys-icon-a {
  color: ;

it comes from /cache_public/lessphp_7001b7935ce73d64518288c92e500371c1f6179b.css it's a less file but i cant find it origin

  • Hello Hodor, you can change anything you want in Protean. But for the color of the icons I do not think they are tinted by css, personally 'I replaced all the icons by icons already tinted.

    • We don't need to edit UNA source files for this.

      For adding own css style goto protean->style-> (add new mix for first time) custom css.

      For changing menu icon -

      Goto navigation-> choose your menu-> edit menu item-> goto icon

      Now change color like this-

      col-red3 -> col-blue

        • There must be something I am missing here. I have a "red" menu icon and it appears as orange. I tried to change another menu icon to purple or maroon and it would not change color at all. All caches were cleared, of course. No, I am not color blind. Haha.

          When I was able to change the color of an icon, it was instant.

          What is the significance of the 3 after the color? col-red3

          • Thank you Nathe for this most valuable information and 'how to'. 

            I wish we were on the Steemit Network where I could up-vote your post!    :)

            • There is page with all default UNA colors: