Shoutbox module

How do you insert a Shoutbox into a page? Is it part of the Messenger app? What settings to you use to make it look like the simple Shoutbox on this site?

Thank you!

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  • Hello, yes, the shoutbox is a public messenger channel. If you want to create a separate page like I did, just add the block Shoutbox, there is nothing else to do. Everyone can write on it, and the discussion on this page will also be accessible in your messenger.

    • Thank you for the clarification, Baloo. You have helped me several times before. I really appreciate it. Others also will benefit. 

      Actually, I want it to appear not as a whole page - rather as it looks on this site una io. As just a block. You have certainly got me headed in the right direction.

      • With pleasure ;-) If you want to do as here, it's even simpler, just add the block on page-> system-> homepage or activate it if it is already present.

        • Hello guys, hope you don't mind me jumping in here. Once the page is created, where can it be found?

          • Hi Will, in studio -> Pages -> Custom

            If you want to see your page and address -> View Page

            • Correct, but let's say if your not in studio?

              • In other words shouldn't it be on the sub-menu?

                • No, because the system can not guess in which menu you want to place the link. So, you have to create it yourself.

                  • Be sure and check with your hosting service. They may not allow this feature. Mine did not.

                    "Thank you for contacting TMDHosting Support Team.
                    We have reviewed your request, however, unfortunately, installing a Jot Server, as you have requested is not something that can be achieved on your current Shared Hosting Package.
                    Due to the fact that it requires NodeJS to be active and that it needs a specific port to be bound to the service, you will need a powerful stand-alone VPS package to run the service without any issues.

                    Therefore, if you wish to use that service, you should consider upgrading to at least our Smart VPS Hosting Solutions..."

                    • So you're going to have the same problem with chat +, are you going to change?

                      • Hi Baloo and others.

                        True, but we don't need really need chat with the other UNA tools to communicate. So, I guess I'll stay where I am and see how much we grow.

                        I was wondering and hoping someone that could make a simplified shout box without the necessity of push notifications, etc. A paid module, that is. I am certain it could be done. I remember seeing this feature on older forum platforms. 

                        • Hi, yes, it would be enough to wear the Dolphin module on Una, which is a simple Shoutbox. This could be useful for people who have a basic server.

                          • Hey Baloo I decided to create my own page for Shoutbox as you stated above. I created the page in Custom area, added the links in Navigation, but I have a problem.

                            When I am viewing the Shoutbox page in 'Pages', I got to add a block, I click messenger on the left, but I do not see a block for Shoutbox in any of the options. Any ideas?

                            • Just to clarify, Shoutbox is nowhere in the Add Blocks section. For any pages. Only place I can find it is on the homepage and it's already there (still not in Add Blocks). 

                              • Let's say your page is called "Shoutbox:



                                Now, you have to understand this, it's not really the original of the home page, it's just a new public that you've created, but it works the same way. for page...


                                In :


                                • Ahh. Thank you. I did add the Messenger there earlier but was not sure if it was the same thing as the Shoutbox on the homepage. So I decided to ask just in case. 

                                  • Yes it's the same thing just a channel and that's what's great, you can create a clean public channel to any page, and that must be completely forgotten with Rocket Chat. It is true it is less powerful at the moment, but it has a perfect and easy integration, and that it is not a negligible point.

                                    Alexey  worked well! And he whispered to me that he will soon add a "Teleportation" button! You imagine, Una team will be able to help at home, it's fantastic! :-))