UNA 12 Webinar #2 - new system features

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We'll discuss new UNA 12 features, we're going to cover the following topics:

  1. New "Record Video" type of uploader
  2. Asynchronous blocks with placeholders
  3. Asynchronous badges for menus
  4. Custom lists of different contents (instead of favourites)

Or maybe some more.

We'll have around 30 minutes session, then you can ask questions in the chat and we'll answer immediately.

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Here is the recording of our admittedly choppy stream. We should be able to achieve a much better quality next time. :)

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    • It's ok for the first hands-on. I like oven-ready media engines! :-)

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      I am surprised more people have not signed up. This is your opportunity to hear directly from UNA dev team so signup and ask questions and support this new effort by UNA.

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        • ahhhhh. Yes there is the time zone situation.

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          • Midnight Webinars are perfect for Europeans instead of hanging around in a Bar....

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            • Damn I'm too late so sad. I will try to visit community more often, goddamn job eating all of my time!

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              Webinar - New UNA 12 features (part 2)
              should be like AQB's my bookmarks - but many different lists - created by users
              That means, for Webcasts you try to find another solution (BBB or OvenPlayer) instead of Jitsi server, which is used in the Messenger Mod? Is Jitsi not a good solution for webcasts?
              Great Alex, thx. Limits for these recorded and uploaded videos are very needed :)
              Pavel Sklenar
              https://una.io/m/messenger/archive/182446 - Xeon(R) E-2236 CPU 3,4Ghz - 4GB RAM- Debian GNU/Linux 10 (buster) video size 10MB -- no traffic on the server..just only testing ..
              Alex T⚜️
              https://una.io/m/messenger/archive/182432 - it depend on size of the video, your server hardware, and queue length
              i readed that Jitsi is 100% working in Chrome but not in all browsers
              Sounds good! Thx!
              is there a way that we can make *gifs running in the website in albums headers ect. ?? At moment *gifs running only as external embed pics via froala...
              Thank You una team - good night @ all
              Pavel Sklenar
              Thank you :)
              thank you good night
              Thank you, guys!
              Pavel Sklenar

              make a security stream..some time in the future
              Andrey Yasko
              Thank you everyone! Wow, that was a bit choppy :) But hey, it's the first time we are using this server setup and will get better and better. :)
              Rom was not build on one day ;)
              Alex T⚜️
              We'll have recording of this webinar shortly.
              I really like your open source commitment, guys!
              AJ Fariss
              Hey UNA Team, this is what I call awesomeness ! I would love to know how I can do similar streaming via my UNA site - I provide Cloud training online, this solution would be ideal for my students.. Thank you !
              UMIT OZAYDIN
              Thank you for the recording
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              UNA 12 Webinar #2 - new system features
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              12 Mar 2021
              10:00 - 11:00

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