Mission: Notifications

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Mission: Notifications
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Full overhaul of all Notifications - push, on-site and email. 

Mission Targets:

- Revise language keys and notification phrases formation. 

- Reorganise Notifications settings in Studio.

- Provide user-configurable options.

- Test extensively on all browsers and devices in BrowserStack. 

- Document settings and configuration details in GitHub.

- Update Notifications listing in Market with screenshots and detailed description.

Profile Feed

Completely redesigned settings, available both for Admins and the site users, recently committed by Anton L and thumbed-up by Alex T⚜️ (that's the hard part usually). Coming in the RC10 and already working on https://ci.una.io/test - check it out!


Along with the regular UNA version updates, we are committing to monthly development "Missions". Every Mission is a group effort to significantly improve, document, test and release specific aspects of the UNA Platform.

Missions will affect development priorities and may need collective input from the UNA community. We will be creating a new Event for each Mission here at UNA.IO to host discussions related to it and to allow interested members to follow the progress.  

The first Mission: Notifications

Event - Mission: Notifications

From today to the end of the month we will pay particular attention to Notifications module improvements. Overhaul of settings, phrasing, user-settings and templates, documentation, tutorials and market listing update.

Future Missions

Some of the missions follow from the poll we published a while ago. Expect missions like Privacy, Performance, Mobile, Analytics, Security, etc. After 10-15 sprints like this, we should turn UNA into a magic wand shooting bouncy unicorns.