Alternative Dogs

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Group created: in honor of the Project "Varisk Kün".

named "alternative dogs", where "diversified dogs"
where still dogs variants.

Group rule to be respected:
- 1/ do not insult yourself, remain polite and respect yourself.
- 2/ no off topics (remained in the theme).
- 3/ we are talking about an alternative dog (no breed dog)
-4/ for those who want to try the experiment "VSK" must respect these

If you want to create your "VSK dog", it is possible, but two rules are priority here
- No inbreeding in selection and reproduction.
- No standard, but only phenotypes.

The goal is to create a new familiarity, as a new species of domestic dog.
under the chosen name: de canis variabilis.

Info in the English:
- in France, the law is very strict if you want to import
where to sell dogs.
here is some info about the important aspect
- the puppies must be identified (because it is mandatory for us)
- be primo-vaccinated
- be at least 3 months old (so that puppies have a good socialization)
- DNA test (we never know,not all breeders are honest).

as a general rule:
in case of inbreeding, would not be discreet, given its consequences can be so serious, for the future of the dog in general, this is why
it is not allowed.
- because humans have abused inbreeding in dog farms, 

the worst of this practice is its final limit called genetic barrier
that will translate
- by the death of fertile puppies, leaving only sterile puppies to survive.
So convinced of the uselessness of this method?

Alternative breeding is the opposite of modern dog breeding
- mainly crossed dogs.
- no consanguinity
- no standard
- character and temperament selection.
- Multi-phenotypes.
The only exception is the natural convergence mono-phenotype.

The real dog "bastard"
results from the crossing between two parents of two breeds of dogs.
example: Labrador/husky, is a bastard, Malinois/colley where still German shepherd/tervueren.
(two breeds in a litter of puppies).
the real dog "corniaud"(mutt) is the descendant of parents "bastards".
- no bastards, no mutts possible.
In a nutshell:
by reproducing two "bastard" dogs (one male and one female) of an age
to reproduce, it is the puppies of the dog which at the end of a gestation, will give birth to mutts (corniauds).
with the "pure-inbred" breed dog, this is simply impossible.

To remember:
- 2 breeds included in the bastard’s genetic origins.
- 4 breeds of as many dog breeds as possible in genetic origins;
of the mutts.(corniauds)
there may be many "participating dog breeds" giving unique dogs
even "atypical" while remaining beautiful in natural.

Group Name:
Alternative Dogs
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