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UNA Academy - Beginners
Mark Purser
Hi team! Just taking a look at Shoutbox!
Mark Purser
How is everyone doing?
Mark Purser
Bruna Lima Martins
Hi everybody, I'm new on UNA. I just installed it in my Mac using MAMP and changing the permissions. During installation I used the future site name (xxx.com which is not registered yet). I used it because didn't accept an URL with /localhost path. Installation finished normally but now that I try to run the studio it sends me to a website to acquire my domain. Where should I change the path?
Mark Purser
Hey Digital change, did you get an answer here?
Hey Mark, thanks for asking. I didn't receive answer to my point but a question from someone trying to understand what happened. However I got support by email from Leonid and Boomex Team.
Mark Purser
Happy New Year!
Mark Purser
Hi everyone!
What's up! How are things on your side of the world?
hello everybody I'm new and i'm going to deepen this fantastic project!
Mark Purser
Hi Vicinia :)
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How to update the look and feel of your UNA Community website, using the built in Font Awesome Pro integration. Easily bring a clean and fresh new look to your site with over 6,000 Icons to choose from. This integration is available to purchase via the UNA Market and is included in any UNA Pro or Cloud subscription.

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Learn how to configure the content-discovery section like the "Explore" page, which comes with the Lucid template app for UNA. This tutorial demonstrates editing Pages Layout and mixing content blocks to configure your pages to your exact requirements.

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Learn how to edit the content pages like "Terms of Service" and "Privacy" using the Pages app in UNA Studio.

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To comply with GDP Requirements we need to notify users when we are using Cookies on our websites. This tutorial gives instruction on how to set up these pop-up notifications and consent forms  in an UNA powered site. We use the service at https://cookieconsent.insites.com/download/ 

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they have we informative courses.

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I've noticed two things:

the friends tab I don't see a number of friends. I was hoping that the site would count the number of friends (and have unlimited friends) because social influencers love to use sites that have loads of friends in their friends list for bragging rights. Is there a way to turn the number counter on?

also, I see that there is a "relationships" link right under the profile name, but on "Info" there is a "relationships" box

I wanted to turn off the link and see if it disappears out of the "info" page (hopefully not, then I can delete a link) but, I can't re-find that menu item in "navigation" module.

I had an idea for it because I'm going insane clicking navigation links a thousand times just to not find the area I am looking for; what if you make a photo representation of the pages of the site, and do different colored circles on each area, and what the name of that item is and how many items it is and if its vertical or horizontal, that way we can quickly find it? I'm afraid to change the name on whatever I find as of now in case someone helps me and sends me to "THAT NAME" (I tried to add on some info at the end of the name but it doesn't show up )

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There are just too many tabs right now for a member on my site, and I am in "navigations" module and super confused as there are just so many of them to pick from. 

All I am trying to do right now is remove the "relationships with me" on the sidebar menu for a member, as I think its superfluous what with "relationships" being right above that.

I've clicked on all the things with 15 items and  cant find it! ahhhh

What is the menu item called in the navigations module for that? Thanks!


PS: Also I clicked on various methods of showing the menu 'vertical links' for instance in the "site menu" and it didn't change it at all,,, I know I was in the right area as I clicked "home" button on and off and saw it appear and disappear

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I am hoping there is a way to translate ALL languages, not just German and Russian... 

I recall Google used to have a little bit of code that could be used to put on a site that allowed translation to any language. It slowed the site down but it worked! And it translated the entire site at the click of a drop down menu....

I've no idea if the site code could be accessed for that, if its still around, where to drop it in the code, or anything else if anyone has any ideas I'd appreciate it! Maybe it can go in the header section, i saw that somewhere.... oh yes it was in "DESIGNER APP" I think 😀 

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