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UNA Platform tips, tutorials, how-tos and answers to FAQs for Beginners.

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1. This is not a tech support group. Use UNA Discussions for tech support questions. 

2. This is not a test group. Go to online.me to test. 

3. "How to" questions are welcome. 

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UNA Academy - Beginners
Mark P
Hi team! Just taking a look at Shoutbox!
Mark P
How is everyone doing?
Mark P
Bruna Lima Martins
Hi everybody, I'm new on UNA. I just installed it in my Mac using MAMP and changing the permissions. During installation I used the future site name (xxx.com which is not registered yet). I used it because didn't accept an URL with /localhost path. Installation finished normally but now that I try to run the studio it sends me to a website to acquire my domain. Where should I change the path?
Mark P
Hey Digital change, did you get an answer here?
Hey Mark, thanks for asking. I didn't receive answer to my point but a question from someone trying to understand what happened. However I got support by email from Leonid and Boomex Team.
Mark P
Happy New Year!
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How to update the look and feel of your UNA Community website, using the built in Font Awesome Pro integration. Easily bring a clean and fresh new look to your site with over 6,000 Icons to choose from. This integration is available to purchase via the UNA Market and is included in any UNA Pro or Cloud subscription.

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Learn how to configure the content-discovery section like the "Explore" page, which comes with the Lucid template app for UNA. This tutorial demonstrates editing Pages Layout and mixing content blocks to configure your pages to your exact requirements.

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Learn how to edit the content pages like "Terms of Service" and "Privacy" using the Pages app in UNA Studio.

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To comply with GDP Requirements we need to notify users when we are using Cookies on our websites. This tutorial gives instruction on how to set up these pop-up notifications and consent forms  in an UNA powered site. We use the service at https://cookieconsent.insites.com/download/ 

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hi and thanks for having me here.   I've been customizing my colours all day in protean in a cloned template.  i'm a bit at a loss for what the menu item with the three vertical dots corresponds to, it doesn't appear to be slide menus..   how do i change that blue color to my own schema in the template?

the menu that says share to twitter, etc..

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I am having three issues with customizing the template:

How to resize Logo in header?

How to change bkgd color?

What header size should be so it don't distort?

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Hello! Help me figure out how to display Google Adsense ad units on a site?

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How to upload files in Group?

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Is there any option to stop notification from own posts?

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UNA - Social Media Software Framework