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UNA Inc is the company established to drive development, support and promotion of the UNA open-source community software platform.

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I just bought the snipcart module, however I don't see how to enter the license code to allow me to get the API Key Live

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Tasks Module enable users to develop project management capabilities within their UNA community. Tasks ✅ are an UNA Content Module that can be created & assigned within any Context Module, such as Groups, Spaces or Courses. Tasks can be assigned to individuals or all members of group or course, and can be utilised for Assignments, Reminders 💡 and To Do lists. Tasks are arranged in Lists 📋 , with each task being sorted in task lists, it is possible to create complex Learning and Project Management capabilities.

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UNA is the engine for a world leading Learning Community System, where you can create a fully featured Learning Management System within your UNA Social Community. Utilising Courses, Classes & Tasks Modules together gives you the capability to create and deliver learning content on whatever topic to present within your community.

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    • It is good to tell/document that we need to unzip the power apps in /modules/boonex folder....I guess I learnt it by trial /error method

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      Your Social Community becomes a Learning Community with this fully featured Classes Module. Coupled with Courses Module, Quizzes & Tasks Module you have all of the components for a fully featured Learning Management System (LMS). Classes Enables you to create Modules & Classes - giving a sequential learning experience to participants in your course.

      Learning Managements Systems like Kajabi, Thinkific or Learnworlds give the ability to create, schedule, sell and deliver online courses 📚 with a digital learning environment. UNA Courses & Classes gives you a LMS within a fully featured & integrated social community. Build a social community with intention, communities built around learning are communities that thrive.

      Within Classes there is both Modules & Classes. Each Module will contain a Class or a progressive series of Classes. To create Modules and Classes you will need to have Courses Module installed.

      Within classes it is possible to present an array of content;

      • ✍🏾 Text / written content
      • 🔈 Upload & Attach Sound Files  or Video Files 🎥
      • ⏺ Record Video directly into the module using the inbuilt recorder.
      • ⍰ Create Simple Quizzes.
      • Attach PDF and multiple other file types.
      •  Embed YouTube  or Soundcloud files, news articles or any other embeddable links.

      Participants can Comment 💬  on each class and the Social aspects of UNA such as Messenger 🔔  and Discussions 🗣  mean that you can keep the engagement happening long after the Class is finished - cultivating a Learning Community where people will want to keep learning.  

      Like all UNA Modules, you have full control via UNA Studio - you can modify and edit the layout and styling of your Class in the best way to suit the style of your school and content.

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