An artist shop retailer merging custome design with the visual community experience. We are also an exchange B2B & B2C which offers the capability to social share your to-do list through personal accounts of visual interests daily. Within this private group, (with options of privacy) you can use a narrative expression of exchange to vocally express a design desired or social share your images with the group/permissions outside the group. Aptlydo's store does except requests to offer custome creative expression within the group socially sharing new ideas every day.

This expression through products is the perfect reflection of one's self and how others see you. This will make it fun to learn and will help each others productivity knowing you can identify a change in each other's to-do list. Our (list your likes) motto is practicing better habits in work ethic and creativity by getting to know each individual with more depth. Focusing on this skillset adds more active experience to our social circle and to work more efficiently together creatively. 

It is said that mankinds greatest fear is the opinion of others. Shouldn't we continue to come together to conquer those fears. With pride, if presentation and representation is everything to each person why not use your creativity visually to better understand another individuals interests actively.

 Catagory suggestions are recommended as a trial challenge can be executed by a daily task providing an opportunity to try something new. We are just fresh out of the starting gate so all input is encouraged to come together effectively, so to make the best possible social group work together as a thriving community.

Aptlydo's definition: To competently apply yourself mindfully at any given task, especially through creative expression of ideas.

Presented by Item Elite LLC's managing partners, (based out of Westminster Massachusetts) has created Aptlydo to better share our story in hopes to build and grow a community of like minded individuals who wish to be more creatively active too. Incouragement motivates others on a corrective/positive path for a brighter future together.

To intrust your visually creative ideas in Aptlydo's custome design will mean that your ideas can be brought to light. As a business it will enable us copyright ownership to sell your ideas in print using our services. Creative ideas will be accredited to the individual once listed at one's request.

We incourage those who want to sell their own artistic prints to utilize Threadless or any similar platform of preference to promote your own ideas if you wish. The group is still here for you.

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Become one of the tried and true ..Aptlydo.

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