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Hello Support
Firstly thanks for the positive response.
As per you last email, I followed and installed the test module( in UNA. I was using and follow the all guideline, that are available on git-hub, Test module is working , I have seen the result coming and print 3-time on the front-end eg-"HELLO WORLD".
I have paste the array -
array (
  'module' => 'vnd_test',
  'method' => 'test',
 My function name is servicetest() its calling and working. But if i will create more then one custom function,
 How i call and use the core function of the UNA.
Also please let me know if i create a form in html on the page and what action i pass to it so that what ever user pass value in the form i can get that and use to insert in database.
Will you provide the more simple custom module example , I need to develop my modules as per my requirement, But without using the core UNA function
its will not possible, And did not find the way to use the functions class in the our document .
Please kindly explain , The structure is very complex. I need to know all about that.

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