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I hope that we can create a social network that will change people's lives.

How can I disable certain categories from showing up on homepage? For example, I don't want anything from the "cars" category to show up on the front page.

Is there anyway that you can open a jobs market for una so I can hire a developer to create a custom app for me?

Is there a way to make the video thumbnail in the videos module clearer?  I am using the Lucid template. The thumbnails are blurry.

It is taking a long time to encode a video. How can I speed this up? When it starts the encoding process, it takes a long time to finish encoding. Can I change the number of threads?

I just downloaded the new UNA apps and when I try to install, it says that they are not compatible with my version. And there are a lot of updates available for the older UNA apps. Is my system supposed to automatically update these things? I have force auto update checked.

I keep getting database errors in my email. Does anyone know what this means?

Mysql error:

Unknown column 'date' in 'order clause'

I request to make a CCBILL payment gateway app. Also, I request a profile donations app to use with the CCBILL gateway. Can anybody do this? I can pay money for it.

In Decorous, there is a link that says "create a new profile". How can I add this link to Lucid? I think that it should be in Lucid by default.

I have a fresh install of RC9 and I Can't open "system block" to add united post content form. The icon keeps spinning.

I am eager to get my social network going, but I don't know if UNA is stable yet. It is stable enough for a live site?

I would like to see related videos displayed under the video that I am watching in the videos app.

When I post multiple videos in the public timeline, the outline displays them all in a vertical order, but when I upload multiple photos, there are left and right arrows to scroll through the photos. When it is like this, posting like 10 videos leaves a huge white space in the rest of the outline. Can you make the videos display like photos with the arrows so it only takes up one space?

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Is there a way to make the video thumbnail in the videos module clearer?  I am using the Lucid templ…
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