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Hi Una team,

As I mentioned in my previous post there is a problem about the default (additional new)  profile level. For a temporary solution I need to change the membership level of the some of the new profiles from the database with code. My questions are:

  1. In the  sys_acl_levels_members table IDlevel : profile level and IDmember : profile id , are these correct?

  2. Is it enough to change the IDlevel of the corresponding IDmember to the desired level for changing the membership level of a profile?
    (if these are not correct / enough how can we change the membership level of a profile from database?)
  3. Is this action triggers "your membership changed" email ?

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Hello UNA team,

Lets say we have user Alice with a limited custom type of membership.

Alice creates a new profile and while creating this profile she can only see the fields specific to her membership level which dont exists in standart level.
New persons/orgs profile is created as Alice-new. But  this profile is having standart level automatically.

And when Alice goes to edit the Alice-new profile, she can not see her levels specific fields and see the standart levels fields which she is not allowed to. 

I think the new profiles should have same membership level with the owner.

In case of a different need admins may change the new profiles level to another, but the default to be same as the creator user.

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Hello guys,

In the organizations profile page the info block has upload profile picture and Upload New Cover Picture fields with some code attached.

I couldnt remove them from studio.

Is this a bug?

Please see the attachment.

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Hello ,

I think we should have more emoticons instead of just "thank you" type for the simple reactions to content items without replying to these items.

With emoticon symbols people are reflecting their feelings and "feelings" are the deepest things that creates the connection to the "subjects". We need to provide more ways to reflect the feelings. This is a essential need.

When we are transiting from tests to live sites these needs are immediately conjuring.

Temel modüller için Türkçe.

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Hello UNA team,

In timeline it is not seen the delete option for the posts?

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Hello UNA team,

Is there a clear password option in UNA to store the passwords as plain text? If not how can we get the plain passwords?

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Hi UNA team,

The link of the posts in timeline with showcase view is on the date of the post I guess better to have it on the "post" word.

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Hello UNA team,

I have some questions about OAuth2 Server integration:

  • I am planning to integrate Horde web mail to UNA. It has also OAuth2 client, did you have any experience to use Horde with UNA OAuth2 Server?
  • In case OAuth2 Server is installed how are the users with facebook and google logins authenticating? How is their relation with OAuth2 Server?
  • Is the below mentioned authentication route possible?

    facebook connect >>  UNA FB plugin succesfull response >> UNA OAuth2 Server also authenticates >> other app like horde may use this authentication token.

    So in that way a user with FB connect to UNA site may have authentication to an other integrated app like horde through OAuth2 Server.

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Yes nowadays I passed almost a month with the first UNA installation.
Before UNA I checked several possible candidate frameworks like GNU Social, Frendica, HUMHUB.

None of these frameworks obtain the flexibility and features I need to create a community.

I wrote to some of them to ask questions, usually  got no answer or not meaningful answers, no follow ups.
Then I started to deal with UNA.

 Installed UNA for a doctor's community.

Here is my current opinion about UNA system:

  • Installation is straight forward no problems at all.
  • Hardware software need? These are all planned thoughtfully.
  • Customization.
     UNA  is giving a lot flexibility for customization. Besides the magical studio interface to do almost everything, if you  try a bit you will understand the code easily cause it is very clearly structured.
    Most webmasters will not need to do anything with the code cause Studio interface is enough for most of the situations.
  • Features:
    UNA is the most feature rich framework in the market. And it is expandable. You can built your site  in many ways as you dream.
    It is in RC versions yet and stable version is near to come.
  • Integrations:
    there are already some integrations and if you a developer it doesnt seem very difficult to integrate things as code structure is very clear.
    This is one of the biggest positive part of UNA.
    UNA SUPPORT is FANTASTIC, I never experienced such a responsive and problem solving support service. They are not leaving you in the middle of nowhere, following the problem until it is solved.

    Support is given directly by the developers without anyone in between, These are the guys who knows every bit of the UNA system.

    As a result I can easily say come and try UNA to make your dream community portal online.

    And my message for UNA team:

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Hello UNA team,

The current method for creating a translation package has some difficulties which may block people to do translations of UNA:

  1. The translator needs to have enough GNU/Linux skills. As  it is needed a good language knowledge and GNU/Linux skills at the same time, this limits the number of possible candidates who can do the translation.
  2. In the explanations in Creating a Language pack there are still confusing unclear parts.
  3. With the current method it is very likely to do errors in the language files codes, and these are difficult to find after.
  4. Polyglot is very nice for translations but we are not very informed about it's functions like where it is recording the edits, to the module language files directly or keeping in the database? When with developer we recomply what it is doing, when we restore what is it doing? ( the details like where it is reading/writing the data)
  5. After translating the language files we are doing many edits through polyglot and as explained in paragraph 4, we dont know if these edits are sysncronised with the translation fIles. In a previous post Alex explained 4 & 5 .
  6. For a full translation we need to have the module files of the modules we didn't buy. Yes may be we may download them from GIThub, but this is another + procedure to do.

    As a result in current state to do a translation is torture and consuming a lot of time.

     My recommendation is to develop a method to create a new language just through the nice Polyglot interface and when it finishes download /send the files of the module from Polyglot with one click.

    Current method creates barriers for translations, UNA team may consider simplifying it.

    Dear UNA team what are your opinions please?
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Hello I just installed froala editor I have 2 suggestions if they are technically possible:

  • When you enter a link to the text area, to see the preview it is needed to put a space or enter after the link. If it is possible as soon as the link is pasted froala to process to  show the preview it will be more convenient for the ordinary user.
  • The preview goes down part of the block a little beyond the area of attention. But for a user the most important thing is seeing the content as soon as possible so I thing better to put it just below the text area.
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