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Hello UNA team,

I noticed that when we upload an image it is cropped and we may not reach to the original size or the resized whole picture in any displays. 

But when I want to edit the post the image is seen as whole size.

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Hello with this lates upgrade are we in the stable version now :)

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Hello everyone,

I believe that most of our sıte visitors are using phones which means we have a little initial space and very little time to attract the attention of the visitors.

Even though we use the Froala s mini editor option the current Text areas are taking a quite large portion of the phone screen.

At default UNA sites now the posting text area covers almost all the screen of the phone and while in Facebook it is just 1/10 of the screen at phone and desktop.
So people can immediately see something new not just the text box. And when clicked it is poping up the advanced text box with tools.

I tried to move these elements but I can only see vertical ordering. may be UNA developers will do something in the next version :)

Just like at here una . io

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Hello everybody,

What do you think for a Studio customized welcome message from Messenger for each new member? I guess it will be nice...

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Is there a storage limit for each user?
How can we prevent Gbs of file uploads?

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Hi UNA team,

What do you recommend for optimal apache cache settings?

With these settings below for the home page I reached to 3 seconds with chrome and 4 seconds with Firefox on lucid.

Safari is not giving good results.

Are there further things to do without affecting the functionality?

ExpiresActive on
ExpiresDefault "access plus 5 seconds"
text/html "access plus 15 days"
ExpiresByType image/gif "access plus 1 months"
ExpiresByType image/jpg "access plus 1 months"
ExpiresByType image/jpeg "access plus 1 months"
ExpiresByType image/png "access plus 1 months"
text/js "access plus 1 minutes"
text/javascript "access plus 1 minutes"


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In FB and Google connect app settings select to redirect to  join page after first signup did solve this issue.

Hello UNA team,

I have a important problem:

When a nonmember ANY person click to FB or Google connect in Sign up or Log in page. They are automatically signed in and their profiles are also created automatically. This automatic profile creation is happening although it is not selected in account settings.

This is not happening through email registrations. In email registration
after the account registration page they are redirected to profile creation page

they are getting the confirmation emails everything as expected.

What I need is (the same behavior of email sign ups):

No need for email confirmations as they are coming from google or FB
After account creation through FB or Google to direct them to profile creation page, (like email sign ups.)

If they click somewhere else without profile creation  to have the warning like email signups *Please create a profile to start using the site. *

I tried many combinations but I couldnt success, How can I make this setting?

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Hello UNA team,

I couldnt find the blocks like albums in context or  discussins in context to put in side the group info page.

This is really needed. What is the method to put them there?

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Hello UNA team,


and when you clıch the search button it is giving database error.

I am sending the error from PM to LeonidS  ç

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hello everyone,

when someone makes a post in  profile timeline, how can we make it seen in public timeline what are the exact conditions?

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Hello UNA team,

I put a messenger link to the homepage menu.

The original messenger icon with the messenger installation that appears automatically in the menu (when we  click to the profile picture)  shows the number of new messages

How can we make the messenger icon to show the new message number in other places for instance in homepage menu?

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Hello Una team,

I installed messenger and it's server. 

But I am having the same problem that we were having here at Una site before the messenger updates.

Please see the video file as it's difficult to explain it written.

What do you think Alexey  ?

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