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I have created separate logos for (a) very dark-background header and footers and (b) very light-background header and footers. The logos for footers and headers are also slightly different within the same mix. The footer logos include a slogan and the header logos do not. The logos have to be different to stand out, obviously. When I add any new mix to the Protean template, I can upload a separate and distinct logo for that template (new mix) in the header. For example, for a dark header, I will load the logo's lighter version. We do not get this option for the Footer within mixes, and I hope you agree we should have it there, too. 

We can add a logo to the footer in the Navigation GUI. But as far as I can tell, I cannot create unique logos for Protean mixes there. So if I load  a "white logo" there, it will not show up on the light templates. Conversely, a "dark logo" will not show up on the dark templates.

Here's a portion of the Header interface for a light mix; at the base of the screenshot you can see the labels and fields for Logo image upload:


Here is just the Logo image upload section in the Header of a darker custom mix for Protean. In this one, most of the logo is white to stand out against a very dark background; so, we can see very little of it below:


Contrast with this nice feature, the Footer section of the same light mix as the Header further above. Note, it has no "Logo upload," only a background image upload—not what I had in mind.


In the Studio > Navigation > System > Footer items GUI, seen below, we can specify a logo for the footer. I have a different version of the logo for my footer. It looks awesome on a dark background, but I need reverse lettering for a light background. The Navigation module only seems to allow the one footer image for the entire site. So, although welcome, it does not solve the problem.


I would love nothing better than for someone to show me what I'm missing and that adding footer variations for unique template mixes exists. But if not, I hope you designers at Una will considering adding this feature, making the Footer on equal footing with the Header regarding uploaded logo. Thank you.


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 I have added a "new mix" to Protean's footer, but am unsure how to get it to display.

The Start Guide says:

"For customising existing CSS styles you will need to select default template, (eg. Protean) and click Styles section (/studio/design.php?name=bx_protean&page=styles). For convenience, all styles are divided into several groups (header, footer, main menu, popups, etc), which makes it easy to find what you are looking for. Also you can add custom styles in the Сustom Styles Tab in Styles section." That's pretty awesome.


I  also referred and followed Leonid's excellent response to another's question re. styling, in Discussions > General: https://una.io/page/view-discussion?id=5064

When I "Add[ed] New Mix," I also gave my footer a name, "dark footer," and saved it. I am lost after this. Flying solo, I flipped from "Styles" to "Settings," where it showed the name in the "Template Switcher" as "Protean" (yep, that's my template) and for the "Default Mix" field, I selected my new "dark footer" from the select list; then saved.


I'm not sure what to expect, but the footer did not change. I let it sit overnight, thinking the cache might turn over, but it's still the same ole' footer. 

I'm missing something. Somewhere I saw a "publish" button, and I'm pretty sure I pressed that last night (oops?). I don't see it this morning, but it seemed related to this process. What do you think? How do I get "dark footer" to stick?

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After installation, I get a 404 error on the web page (viewed in web inspector > console > errors) re. https://{my domain}/marka.min.js.map. Of course it is "not found" because the map file is in plugins_public/marka directory. This is part of gzip's output of JavaScript files and may be related to the sourceMappingURL that appears at the base of the mark.min.js file. It shows the source map url relative to the JavaScript file it maps. In case the fix was that simple—a tug of war between gzip_loader.php and the js file's source map—I changed the sourceMappingURL in the marka.min.js source file to plugins_public/marka/marka.min.js. It still errors, and the sourceMappingURL appears in the gzip_loaded source the same as it originally appeared, despite the fact I changed it in the marka.min.js file. That made me wonder if it was cached at the beginning. If so, I would not know which cache to delete. Any thoughts on this?

Here is the error in the console (on home page, people, etc.). The white rectangles shield the domain only.


The important lines of gzip_loader.php source on these pages:


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