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I run a gaming community with UNA.


I found this when trying to delete a "Post to Feed" I made yesterday and decided to remove it. I do have the profiler module running as you can see.


Since the last update I've had a issue with my Albums module. If you watch the video I made you can see where I have tried to "enable" the module in the studio. 

The module still is working site side of the website. Which means I cannot switch it off like before. 

I know what most will say is to remove and reinstall the module. I don't want to do that.

I find that today my site has stopped uploading of any type of photos, profile, timeline or albums. See attached photo.


I did recently restore my server but that was weeks ago.

I looked all through my customized website "mix" on where to increase the websites width. I've done it in the past with D7 via a database edit.

Am I missing something?

These are some photos from my members Roller Coaster Tycoon park builds. Each build is block of graphics.

My site has been in maintenance mode since I ran the update 10 hours ago. Anton L 

I've noticed that the site search will not find member profiles from a few years ago. 

I have a profile number less than 100 so I know it is when the site was started. 


Using the site search tab or from the search page it will not pull up this account, which is "Reak," There are many more but this one I can for sure test as the member is one of my admins.


The search pulls up many other results but not anything related to this profile.

I've moved my site and now have this error on some pages.


Notice: unserialize(): Error at offset 486 of 486 bytes in /home/manofteal/public_html/modules/boonex/timeline/classes/BxTimelineTemplate.php on line 1497

Warning: array_merge(): Argument is not an array in /home/manofteal/public_html/modules/boonex/timeline/classes/BxTimelineTemplate.php on line 1497

With these recent updates I feel like my site has now come alive! Small things that I didn't even expect but are already showing the members more activity via the new Timeline additions.

One of my favorites is the "Hot post" flag! Thanks


Adding timed posting allows me to create event post ahead of time, super cool feature guys!



UNI Team, fantastic updates to the timeline!! I'm so impressed with all the upgrades/additions.

Finally able to edit timeline post.

Thanks guys!💯

When looking at the pages and list of pages to edit it looks as though some language keys are missing after upgrade.h777igrvcpefw5my8hubncvvuqb8cjnm.png

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These are some photos from my members Roller Coaster Tycoon park builds. Each build is block of graphics.
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