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The UNA Wiki Module introduces an elegant & resourceful way to collate and present content within your UNA website. The Wiki structure enables you to compile Tutorials, How-To Guides, and Information Repositories of many types. Wiki structures have been made famous by Wikipedia, a global encyclopaedia repository, but can be utilised for many purposes.

UNA Wiki supports the Macros system which enables UNA site owners to repurpose content from all across their site, and embed it natively into each Wiki page.

For example a Wiki Post in UNA.IO about Timeline Module, could include a general description of the Timeline module and then embed selections from relevant Blog Posts on Timeline Module, Discussions around Timeline Module and perhaps even embed the Timeline Module UNA Market listing so users could read reviews and download the module right from that page.

UNA Wiki supports collaborative editing based on user levels permissions, version revisions with rollback option, markdown editing, automated page generation from in-page links, friendly URLs, and more.

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i see all in one design, how can i get another design ?

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    • studio->pages

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      • Hello Baonetz, Events und Entertainments !

        The design settings can be changed via Studio->[Template name like Protean]->Styles area.

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        i see all in one design, how can i get another design ?
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        •  · Hello Baonetz, Events und Entertainments !The design settings can be changed via Studio->[Templat…

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