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Je m'appelle Vincent, je suis Français, je possède plusieurs site Dolphin Boonex qui sont hébergés sur Je suis ici pour partager avec qui voudra sur le logiciel UNA.
I'm Vincent I am French, I have several BoonEx Dolphin website that are hosted on I am here to share with who wants the UNA software.
Be kind to my English is sometimes not very good!!
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Hello, on the RC4 block titles when they are too long out of the block.




The end of the year is conducive to festivities, large meals, gifts and especially to the friendliness and warmth to compensate for the frost of winter outside that numb our hands. It is also the moment to wish happy holidays and a beautiful new year to those who are close to us. So for my part I wish happy holidays to all. Long live Una....

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Here is the code to put in Studio => Designer => Injections

Header (head)

<script src = ""> </ script> 
.cRetour { 
  border-radius: 3px; 
  padding: 10px; 
  font-size: 15px; 
  text-align: center; 
  color: #fff; 
  background: rgba (0, 0, 0, 0.25); 
  z-index: 99999; 
  transition: all 0.2s ease-in; position: fixed; 
  cursor: pointer; bottom: 1em; 
  right: 20px; display: none; 
.cRetour: before {content: "\ 25b2"; } 
.cRetour: hover { 
  background: rgba (0, 0, 0, 1); 
  transition: all 0.2s ease-in; 
</ Style>

Body (body)

jQuery (document) .ready (function () { 
  var duration = 500; 
  . jQuery (window) scroll (function () { 
    . if (jQuery (this) scrollTop ()> 100 ) { 
      // If one of scrollbars 100 pixels or more. 
      // Add the button 
      jQuery ( 'cRetour.'). fadeIn (duration); 
    } else { 
      // Otherwise removes the button 
      jQuery ( 'cRetour.'). fadeOut (duration); 
  jQuery . ( '.cRetour') click (function (event) { 
    // clicking causes in vibrant high return. 
    event.preventDefault (); 
    jQuery ( 'html, body'). animate ({scrollTop: 0}, duration) ; 
    return false; 
</ script> 

<div class = " cRetour "> </ div>


Friendships Vincent

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Hello, It would be nice if the developers showed up a little on Una to offer third-party modules. Except some who are here that I thank. it is calm calm. I made the choice to follow the adventure also on Una, because I like the team. I find it a shame that some Boonex dolphin developer does not invest on Una. Maybe the team should wake them up a bit to show that you're going to invest in it. Here is my thought of the day. Vincent

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Hello, The coupling between "chat +" and "Una" becomes essential too. How do you want a site to work properly if members do not know who is on "chat +" there should be some kind of yellow light button online on "chat +" on every person profile or organization. If there is no interest in keeping the Chat + on Una, it will cause the loss of a lot of site. a lot of sites put on Chat + Videochat. it becomes urgent to set up this function.Vincent

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hello, It would be nice to have a kind of membership counter and online organization coupled so that members know how many people are on the site, without going to the person or organization menu and then the online menu each time. A presence counter is essential for the operation of a site. Maybe it would be wise to put a little yellow light on avatar people or organization when they are online too. Vincent

Hello, It would be nice for the groups to have their own forum and event without this being coupled with the forum and the event module of the site. Vincent

Hello It would be nice to be able to set up the integration of youtube for videos as well as in the timeline see played videos youtube. my site grew up very quickly and it becomes urgent that it be in place. Vincent

Hello would be good if the members can hang between them otherwise it will end in bagare on the site. It would also be good if members receive a notification when a member rejects a friend request. Vincent

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I noticed some anomalies that I prefer to describe here.
If I go on a profile, any one and I click on the picture of this profile, I can change all their presentation and description and put any photo.
What is rather awkward for a new site, that anyone can change what he wants in the profiles.
Another thing, if I am friends with someone and that this one is friend with another person or couple but it is not with me for example, if these people have private photos which were liked by my friend, I can see them in their favorite media and like them too but without knowing how to go on their private albums, but these people see that they were liked by a stranger.


Bonjour, Je trouve qu'il ya un problème de conception sur le pied de page avec smartphone Android.7ge7bj63pzsxv5fukvdwefqdzmqcpyuf.png

Hello Jot messenger is a very good communication module. Do you think in the near future the integration of audio and video? Vincent

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Hello, on the RC4 block titles when they are too long out of the block. Vincent
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hello, It would be nice to have a kind of membership counter and online organization coupled so that…
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