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This big gob of code. What does it mean? Surely there is a reason. Because UNA is fast and efficient. Thank you.

class="no-htmlimports no-flash no-proximity sizes transferables applicationcache blobconstructor blob-constructor cors customelements no-customprotocolhandler customevent dataview eventlistener geolocation history no-ie8compat json notification postmessage queryselector serviceworker svg templatestrings typedarrays websockets no-xdomainrequest webaudio cssescape supports target no-microdata mutationobserver passiveeventlisteners picture es5array es5date es5function es5object strictmode es5string es5syntax es5undefined es5 es6array arrow es6collections generators es6math es6number es6object promises es6string no-devicemotion no-deviceorientation filereader beacon no-lowbandwidth eventsource fetch xhrresponsetype xhr2 speechsynthesis localstorage sessionstorage websqldatabase svgfilters urlparser urlsearchparams getusermedia websocketsbinary atobbtoa atob-btoa no-framed no-sharedworkers webworkers no-contains no-contextmenu cssall willchange classlist documentfragment audio canvas canvastext contenteditable emoji olreversed no-userdata no-vml webanimations webgl adownload audioloop canvasblending todataurljpeg todataurlpng no-todataurlwebp canvaswinding bgpositionshorthand multiplebgs csspointerevents cssremunit rgba preserve3d dataset hidden outputelem progressbar meter ruby template no-time texttrackapi track unknownelements no-capture fileinput formattribute placeholder sandbox no-seamless srcdoc imgcrossorigin srcset inputformaction input-formaction inputformenctype input-formenctype inputformmethod no-inputformtarget no-input-formtarget scriptasync scriptdefer no-stylescoped inlinesvg textareamaxlength videocrossorigin videoloop videopreload no-ambientlight hashchange inputsearchevent datalistelem csscalc cubicbezierrange cssgradients opacity csspositionsticky csschunit cssexunit hsla bdi xhrresponsetypearraybuffer xhrresponsetypeblob xhrresponsetypedocument xhrresponsetypejson xhrresponsetypetext svgclippaths svgforeignobject smil svgasimg no-hiddenscroll mathml no-touchevents unicoderange unicode checked displaytable display-table fontface generatedcontent hairline cssinvalid lastchild nthchild cssscrollbar siblinggeneral subpixelfont cssvalid cssvhunit cssvmaxunit cssvminunit cssvwunit details oninput formvalidation mediaqueries hovermq pointermq pointerevents fileinputdirectory textshadow no-batteryapi no-battery-api crypto no-dart fullscreen no-forcetouch gamepads intl pagevisibility performance pointerlock no-quotamanagement requestanimationframe raf no-vibrate no-webintents no-lowbattery getrandomvalues backgroundblendmode objectfit object-fit no-regions no-wrapflow no-filesystem no-requestautocomplete no-speechrecognition bloburls peerconnection no-datachannel matchmedia ligatures cssanimations csspseudoanimations appearance backdropfilter backgroundcliptext bgpositionxy bgrepeatround bgrepeatspace backgroundsize bgsizecover borderimage borderradius boxshadow boxsizing csscolumns csscolumns-width csscolumns-span csscolumns-fill csscolumns-gap csscolumns-rule csscolumns-rulecolor csscolumns-rulestyle csscolumns-rulewidth csscolumns-breakbefore csscolumns-breakafter csscolumns-breakinside no-cssgridlegacy cssgrid ellipsis cssfilters flexbox flexboxlegacy no-flexboxtweener flexwrap cssmask no-overflowscrolling cssreflections cssresize scrollsnappoints shapes no-textalignlast csstransforms csstransforms3d no-csstransformslevel2 csstransitions csspseudotransitions userselect bx-media-desktop blobworkers no-dataworkers exiforientation apng jpeg2000 webpalpha webpanimation webp no-jpegxr webp-alpha webp-animation webp-lossless datauri indexeddb audiopreload indexeddb-deletedatabase"

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Hi All. Like UNA, Wordpress is a CMS. Content Management System.

About once every week I receive a notice such a the one below. With all the incomparable and unsafe "plug-ins" and "extensions" the unsuspecting WP customer will likely be hacked before long. Then they will be squirting tears of regret.... I have been there. 

It is such a dangerous, time-wasting platform. Once hacked, all your other sites are also in peril, if they are add-on domains.. 

PLEASE Beware if you have an instance of Wordpress anywhere on your server! Because if it is hacked, it can adversely affect your UNA installation.

This morning, the Wordfence Threat Intelligence team was alerted to a zero-day vulnerability being actively exploited in File Manager, a WordPress plugin with over 700,000 active installations. 

Technical details and what you need to do now to protect your site are on the official Wordfence blog...

Chloe Chamberland - Wordfence Threat Analyst

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  • version = 5.5.5 -  ~~~ Does UNA run better under 7.2? Surely it would. What is the highest, safest version of PHP which UNA runs on?
  • disable_functions = exec,passthru,system,shell_exec - FAIL (must be without shell_exec,eval,assert,phpinfo,getenv,ini_set,mail,fsockopen,chmod,parse_ini_file,readfile,esc ~~~ What exactly is missing or misconfigured? Why the failure here? Could it be in my access file? php ini file? user php file?
  • Thank you for reviewing my problem!
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Hackers anymore need not sit in a dark room late at night with their hoodies on. They can go to bed and just turn their automated bots loose to find, inspect, and chew your server up and spit it out...

And when you think you've got it all cleaned up, they will march back in there like they own the place. If you have as much as an old contact form or an outdated Wordpress theme or plug-in - you are done.

Just to confirm, please:  Does UNA require POST and HEAD requests for it's full operation and updates? I may need to adjust my htaccess file, you see.

   Thank you.

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Reposted Fine's discussion.

Cant fix the rewrite module error, this is what I see and what I have completed to resolve, no solution yet.

Web-server: Apache/2.4.25 (Debian) 

  • rewrite_module - FAIL (you will need to install rewrite_module for Apache)


CMD>  sudo a2enmod rewrite

Module rewrite already enabled

CMD> apachectl -M 2>&1 | grep rewrite_module 

 rewrite_module (shared)



.htaccess is also correct as per UNA: 

/page/login -> NOT LOADING


✅ Enable friendly permalinks for Pages
✅ Enable friendly permalinks for Modules
✅ Enable friendly permalinks for local Storage




All help is very much needed and appreciated, this is the first time I am doing this. Thank you for helping.

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Hi all,

I have deleted and reinstalled Messenger but it still will not update to the latest version on my VPS with TMD Hosting. Because it has a missing table in the database, according to the Error pop-up box. A missing table that has to do with notifications, as you can see.

The module works but will not update. Jot Server (for Messenger) is installed and the port link is correct and, I trust, is open. The url is:

All caches were cleared. I might add that I had not used Messenger in the past because of shared server limitations. Now I need the newest version with the Video functions.

Any ideas to fix? Thank you!


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There are some unresolved css errors on this very discussion index. Right here on the UNA site. At least on the Mac desktop/laptop. Safari and Brave. The margins are cutting things off as you can see in the enclosed screenshot. Notice how both main columns end abruptly. Look closely. Some individual letters are split.

This looks very amateurish - not at all typical of the high quality code on this site. 

Is it possible I need to clear my browser cache? Surely someone has already brought this up. I haven't been here for awhile, you see. But, as always, I am glad to be back...

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Hello from Tennessee, all my dear UNAtarian friends,

The Cold War is over. Most of us and our clients today are not dealing with government secrets. So, there is nobody looking over our shoulders 99.99 percent of the time. If they were, we could just twist or tilt our device screens a little bit...

For every person who has been "protected" by the cutesy little password balls - a thousand others have been frustrated. Or worse, they have needlessly been sent to "password recovery" hell.

Could these balls be eliminated altogether or could users be given the option to view the literal password as it is entered? 

If so, please make the default as the actual characters of the password. Most people will prefer this, imo, once they get used to it. Which will not take long. Haha.

I think the coding is simple. Perhaps it can be done via Custom Template Additions. If not, where is the file that needs to be adjusted?

We all want the easiest and fastest access to our sites. 

Much thanks for your consideration.

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The Sounds Module is optional but is a very good module. I highly recommend it. 

I hope later editions will play the audio right in the Timeline, just as videos can be played there. Why? Because the less clicking and tapping a visitor has to do, the happier he or she will be and more likely to return. 

OK, looking at my enclosure just below, can anyone explain how I can eliminate the computer code. These links lead to a 404 error page, btw. 

Much thanks!


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Hi All. Like UNA, Wordpress is a CMS. Content Management System.About once every week I receive a no…
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version = 5.5.5 -  ~~~ Does UNA run better under 7.2? Surely it would. What is the highest, safest v…
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Hi all,I have deleted and reinstalled Messenger but it still will not update to the latest version o…
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There are some unresolved css errors on this very discussion index. Right here on the UNA site. At l…
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