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First German Translation based on UNA 9.0.8 DEV.

Some improvements to the translation will be made within the next weeks. Buyers will get the new versions free of cost.

If you find mistakes, please mail me at:

You can Test the translation at with user and Password: UnaTester2017!
Supported modules: System + account, acl, albums, antispam, chat plus, contact, convos, datafox, decorous,developer, dolphin_connect, elasticsearch, events, facebook, files, forum, googlecon, groups, intercom, mailchimp, invites, linkedin, mailchimp, market, messenger, oauth, notifications, ocean, organizations, payment, persones, polls, posts, profiler, protean, shopify, smtp, snipcart, stripe_connect, timeline, tricon, twitter, unacon 

Hi i cant get FB Connect working.

What Do i have to enter in the Redirect field an FB Developer platform? And what do i have to check or uncheck there?

Can someone post e working configusation example?

I just managed to make a working German Translation of 9.0.8. DEV.

I will upload it to the shop.

Can i pack it with 7z or do i Need to pack it on the Linux System?

 When i make Corrections and Improvements, how can i tag tham in the Marketplace, so the Users can update?

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