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Runs a bear community since 2009. Discontinued grandpa Dolphin in 2015 for UNA hence day one in Alpha/Beta/RC - closely observant its development in recent years.

Had lived with the air pirates (proprietary softwares). Left because "got sick" of them. Escaped and joined with Sea Duck (open-source).

Feature Request




Same privilege as Premium and/or Moderator plus access to Polyglot>Keys and nothing else in Studio.

We have plethora of custom keys, including other modules that are not included in 'Language' Mods. Would be better if we allow 'Translators' to access Studio only specifically to Polyglot Keys.

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Try switching to Dark Mode on here and you can't even read 'Notification' title. Please include 'background colour code' in OnClick (Navigation) in order to be user-friendly to adjust background colour. Thank you!

What if we have Light and Dark mode... this method is bad idea. I don't understand why we have to use 'OnClick' if it's not dark/light templates-friendly if we use both? Still argue to use custom style instead.

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UNA 10.1 

UNA 11.0.0 Beta 1 

Example,  'user-cowboy'... not working. Why? 

Please stop with the 'hush', show us what Font Awesome version we're using in the module. Thank you!

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UNA 11.0.0 Beta 1


Can someone please clarify why 'Robot' is there and intentions?

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Everything cache...

Defer parsing of JavaScript

425.6KiB of JavaScript is parsed during initial page load. Defer parsing JavaScript to reduce blocking of page rendering.

The last two, I don't care... but the first one, what the heck!

I looked at the file... it's related to plugins_public... bad grade mostly come from jquery.

Specify a cache validator

The following resources are missing a cache validator. Resources that do not specify a cache validator cannot be refreshed efficiently. Specify a Last-Modified or ETag header to enable cache validation for the following resources:

Again, the last javascript is related to plugins_public hence jquery.

Images were uploaded within UNA media uploader. One is on homepage for Unauthenticated. Last one was uploaded via Studio>Site Icon... this one is 'favicon'.

Minify JavaScript and CSS

Bad grades.

Ok, next... when we unticked CSS and JS caches...

Inline small CSS

Bad grade.

Avoid CSS @import

There are couple of files that are rather small. Why is UNA being lazy using @import? Come on , dudes! Anyway, I managed to copy a couple from template and modify a bit at any custom template such as decorous, lucid, ocean, protean. The results has improved a little bit.

Will there be cleaning up in the future?


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Two modules made by SandKlock.

They are interfering with search query in Create new talk (Messenger).

I'm pretty sure issues were there since day one and no one noticed? Still there and no update since May/June. How are those modules approved to begin with? Either fix it or get off!

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Messenger> Create new talk
Entered few characters...

'There was an issue with querying the server.'

How to fix this?

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When one edit profile... under Location, there's an interactive map with a marker in Tablet/Desktop. There is no  interactive map in Phone when editing?

Using AQB's Location Picker.

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Everything cache...Defer parsing of JavaScript425.6KiB of JavaScript is parsed during initial page l…
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