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Hi. I have been playing with una on a test domain like:


I installed all the free apps etc on that and on my account here. 

I now want to change it to a production domain like:


What process do I need to follow so that I don't lose my configuration and setup of all modules etc? 

Thank you.

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    • Thanks, guys, but it doesn't solve the problem. I'm still interested in storing files in domain/una. Just want to have the site working on the domain root, now when setup and tests are done. 

      So according to my logic the 'BX_DIRECTORY_PATH_ROOT' should remain the same. Only the 'BX_DOL_URL_ROOT' should be changed. Are you saying that I should just skip the /una folder on the server and move all files from it into the root?

      I have checked htaccess file and can't find any phrase saying domain/una but maybe I have the wrong htaccess file. There are one in almost every folder...

      I don't have jot server installed as far as I know...

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      • Hello Michell Léon Stjernberg  !

        Yes, correct, in this case, you need to change only BX_DOL_URL_ROOT. But if your site is placed in the subfolder then you need to move files and change the BX_DIRECTORY_PATH_ROOT  too.

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        • Got it! Thank you so much!

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          Hi. I have been playing with una on a test domain like:host1.example.comI installed all the free app…

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