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Hello guys,  my video file not processing. So, I ask my hosting company to fix the problem.  They try all what they can do and they come out with this.  I am pasting what they email to us. Anyone can help me with this please. I have to fix this ASAP. So, please read below

We have reviewed the reviewed your application in detail and here are the changes we have performed up until now:

  • We have enabled exec() and shell_exec() in the PHP-FPM Configuration file for your website, as both of those PHP Functions are required for FFMPEG Commands to be executed server-side
  • We have changed the permissions of the internal ffmpeg.exe file of your UNA Application to 777 so it has full permissions for all User Groups
  • We have modified the Cron Job that is being executed to a different PHP Binary, as it seems that the current path that is set is not correctly executing the command, and now it is the following:

/opt/cpanel/ea-php56/root/usr/bin/php [path to UNA]periodic/cron.php

Upon attempting to execute the Cron Job, in order for it to start processing the Videos, the following error message in the coding of UNA's Video Transcoder appeared:

Fatal error: Call to a member function getDb() on boolean in [path to UNA]inc/classes/BxDolTranscoder.php on line 119

Please note, however, that this is an issue with the core PHP Coding of that file, and resolving this issue is beyond our expertise as a hosting provider, therefore, we kindly ask you to forward this information to your developer so he can assist you in resolving this.

Once this issue has been taken care of, the videos should start processing without any issues, as there aren't any server-side configurations that need to be taken care of.”

What do I do next guys?

Thank you


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we want have for our community a entrance fee. for one year. i checked your payment app but don t understand how i integrate that in the permissions or in the registration panel. is it possible to get the money once a year?

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We have just released new update for Messenger with fixes, improvements and main new ability - Jitsi Video conferences.
Now you can allow members to create Video Conferences in Talks. There were added several new options in Messenger settings for Jitsi.
Feel free to use and if any problems let us know.

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what is the best backup plan for all data?

Toolbox what i can roll back with toolbox? 

  • 1. Settings - sys_options_types, sys_options_categories, sys_options, sys_options_mixes and sys_options_mixes2options tables.
    2. Pages - sys_pages_types, sys_pages_layouts, sys_objects_page, sys_pages_design_boxes and sys_pages_blocks tables.
    3. Menus - sys_menu_templates, sys_objects_menu, sys_menu_sets and sys_menu_items tables.
    4. Forms - sys_objects_form, sys_form_displays, sys_form_inputs, sys_form_display_inputs and sys_labels tables.
    5.Data Lists - sys_form_pre_lists and sys_form_pre_values tables.
    6. Search - sys_objects_search_extended and sys_search_extended_fields tables.
    7. Permissions - sys_acl_actions, sys_acl_actions_track, sys_acl_levels, sys_acl_levels_members and sys_acl_matrix tables.
    8. Grids - sys_objects_grid, sys_grid_fields and sys_grid_actions tables.
  • Tracker - this tool allows you to check which files were modified. See screenshot №5. It allows you to understand whether auto-updates will work or not.

is there also a backup for discussions? events? can i backup with this albums (pictures), sounds? and so on

yesterday i wanted to update my php 5.6 to 7.2. all was gone. it was terrible for our group to lost all.

i need a good way to handle the backup for all data in the future

what should i do?

is it possible to write back the ftp data?

is there a way to mirror una?

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when i go in the backend i can do

Default author for automatically created channels 

ok done. nothing is changing. is there any way to create with more then one person  ? how we create 'channels with one person or better with all moderators and admins

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