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Hi how set layout fluid responsive? Example my site is fanzone.it and use protean theme but is not fluid , but the width of the site is fixes. I want do layout site as una.io ... how set fluid layout? Thanks

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Hi, i have activated 2FA in settings but now i cani not access. If i want login to the site also as administrator there is a error: 

Log in - step 2


but i can not login as administrator.... Please how resolve????? thanks

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What mean plugin spaces? This una.io/page/view-product?id=121 . Can you explain better?

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Hello, i have installed RC7 or una but now the site is not accesible. If go on my site fanzone.it there is the error: Database query error . How resolve? Thanks

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Hi now facebook connect do not work. User can not login with faceook connect. Infact when user click on facebook connect is show this error "IMPOSSIBILE CARICARE L'URL: IL DOMINIO DI QUESTO URL NON È INCLUSO NEI DOMINI DELL'APP. PER POTER CARICARE QUESTO URL, AGGIUNGI TUTTI I DOMINI E I SOTTODOMINI DELLA TUA APP AL CAMPO DOMINI APP NELLE TUE IMPOSTAZIONI APP.". How resolve? thanks

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Is possible switch user for admin? Example. I have a site and i am a admin. I want switch as user that are registered on my website. See this link thanks: en-nz.wordpress.org/plugins/user-switching/ 

Ciao @Andrew o Andrew

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Hi, i see that some word are not translate on my site fanzone.it. I see that in Polyglot > Keys there is not this "added a timeline post" field. How can create a field and translate this word "added a timeline post" in "ha aggiunto un post alla bacheca" ? thanks

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Hi, i have update to RC4 ut now the site is very very slow... i can not utilize my website fanzone.it.  The site now is very slow when post or post comment. You can test. Go on my website fanzone.it create a user and try to comment post and add post. Is very very slow now. thanks

Hi, i have update to RC4 ut now the site is very very slow... i can not utilize my website fanzone.it
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Hi i see that there is a jot messenger but cost much money 100$ at year... is very very expensive and i can not buy. Why you do not create a messenger free with for example limit of 10 user online? Becouse in this mode, without a messenger the site is poor and i must migrate at onother CMS as wordpress or joomla. Where i can find a messenger module to site, but i want free, thanks

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Hi, I have backup of user with my dolphin site , can i import user in my una site? Thanks 

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