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Server audit - loading indicator goes on forever.

Files and folders permissions - displays as normal.

The rest in Dashboard looks good.


How to fix Server audit?

Some or most people don't want to reveal date of birth in profile, for security reason... instead show age.


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 Suggesting a feature to upload custom loading gif similar method in Designer> Cover, to something like Designer> Loading.

After the automatic update from 9rc1 to 9rc2. Then, manually update modules with success. Now, when we get to Messenger on site something went wrong. Email came...


Database error in XXXX

( SELECT * FROM `bx_messenger_jots` WHERE `lot_id` = :lot_id ORDER BY `created` DESC LIMIT :limit ) ORDER BY `created` ASC

Mysql error:
You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MariaDB server version for the right syntax to use near ''20' ) ORDER BY `created` ASC' at line 5

The error was found in getAll function in the file /home/ at line 527.


This is custom...

Studio> Polyglot

'Account name' (changed to 'First & Last Name')

'Full Name' (changed to 'Username')

Now, they looks nice in Studio> Accounts> Manage


This is non-custom...

Chat> Administration> OAuth> UNA - Done.

Chat> Administration> Accounts - Allow Username Change: False

Whenever clients go into Chat. Chat's Username reveals UNA's 'Account name' (First & Last Name) and we don't like that. Isn't it suppose to be using UNA's Person/Organization name rather than Account name?


Chat> My Account> Profile -  Name from UNA's 'Account name' (First & Last Name). Clients can decide whether to reveal 'Account name' or change.


Administration> Video Conference:

Enabled - True (noted: still beta)

Domain -



Brave (macOS, Windows)

Chrome (macOS, Windows)

Firefox (Windows)

Opera (macOS, Windows)


No Works:

Brave (iOS)

Chrome (iOS)

Edge (Windows)

Firefox (iOS, macOS - problem with login, they don't seem to connect between Chat+ and Jitsi Meet)

Safari (iOS, macOS) - WebRTC support in Safari 11 coming September for both iOS and macOS. Will test on first day of release!


All browsers are latest.

If you have Android, please check: Brave, Chrome, and Firefox. And I will add to the list above.

Brave, in order for chat to work... you need to click on orange lion in the upper right for site shield, change to Down, lion will become grey.

In Studio, there's an upload for homepage cover. However, I don't see anywhere to change the default for profile cover which applies to Persons and Organisations (and maybe Groups)?

If I go in control panel (cPanel, Plesk, or whatever) and replace the profile cover. When UNA update, it will not install new update because of image modified.

Home Screen on iOS, don't know about Android.

Templates using dark background with light font. Now, when using phone... we see light on light. Hard to read for some or most.



Add 'Home Screen' or something to Decorous/Protean under Styles. Or, include 'Home Screen' css code in Documentation to fill in Decorous/Protean under Custom Styles for those who are seeing light on light.

Sent via UNA's Contact Us a few days ago. Still waiting on licenses transfer.

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