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After changing the design in another Protean style it causes a nginx error 502 ‚Bad Gateway“



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1. upgrading from Una 9 to Una 10

2. one app has versions for example 9.3, 9.4, 9.5, 10.0

If before upgrading the app was 9.4 and now we are on Una 10.0 there is no chance to update the app anymore. Only 9.5 to 10.0 will be successful.

I think the only way for the app is now to delete it and install it completely new.
In worst case all manual settings of the app are lost.

Or have someone an idea to solve this problem without reinstalling the app?

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I have some problems with ReCaptcha on Una 10

Here ReCaptcha is wrong with missing image:


Here all is ok:


But both websites have the same parameters by settings ReCaptcha with the correct google ReCaptcha public and private keys  

I don’t see any differences between the two websites. Has someone a idea where the problem is?

Before updating from Una 9 to 10 ReCaptcha was ok on both websites without any problem. 

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I’ve integrated google places with the API-Key. 

In the profile all is ok.  But in the view now are a lot of google pointers on the site. 

I’ve the problem on iPad an iPhone with Safari (another browser not tested at the moment). 

You can see the effect on https://inn-inet.de

Then go to orgs and then select the organization Noichl IT-Management. 

The google map is there but ...

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There are some keys missing in Polyglott if there is another default language like english defined in Polyglott settings.

Then keys not translated in this language aren't listed in Polyglott anymore.

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The last days I translated UNA from english to german language.

Not so easy as I thought before... a lot of words and modules with xml-Files to change.

I use as help google translator in excel, but every word must controlled. And also the internal keys. Some are translated... not so good.

To test every changed version I need to install completely the language module new.

Not so easy over UNA Apps but I found the key with my language module in the table sys_modules.
I delete the key. And now I can install the Language over UNA App completely new.
It's a little trick.

In studio the image of my module is very small. I don't know why at the moment.

Best regards,

example see: https://inn-inet.de

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Deutsche Sprachversion - Noichl IT-Management
German translation

Folgende Module sind enthalten / The following modules are included:

1. bx_accounts Accounts Konten
2. bx_acl Levels Mitgliedsstufen
3. bx_albums Albums Albums
4. bx_analytics Analytics Statistiken
5. bx_antispam Antisplam Antispam
6. bx_channels Channels Stichwörter
7. bx_charts Charts Diagramme
8. bx_chat_plus Chatplus Chatplus
9. bx_contact Contact Kontakt
10. bx_convos Convos Convos
11. bx_datafox Datafox Datafox
12. bx_decorous Decorous Decorous
13. bx_developer Developer Developer
14. bx_elasticsearch Elasricsearch Elasticsearch
15. bx_Events Events Termine
16. bx_files Files  Dateien
17. bx_fontawesome Fontawesome Fontawesome
18. bx_forum Forum Diskussionen
19. bx_froala Froala Froala
20. bx_glossary Glossary Lexikon
21. bx_google_tagmanager Google tagmanager Google Tagmanager
22. bx_groups Groups Gruppen
23. bx_intercom Intercom Intercom
24. bx_invites Invites Einladungen
25. bx_linkedin_connect LinkedIn Connect LinkedIn Connect
26. bx_lucid Lucid Lucid
27. bx_mailchimp MailChimp MailChimp
28. bx_market Market Marktplatz
29. bx_massmailer Massmailer Massenversender
30. bx_messenger Messenger Messenger
31. bx_notifikations Notifications Benachrichtigungen
32. bx_oauth2 Oauth2 Oauth2
33. bx_organizations Organizations Firmenprofile
34. bx_payment Payment Bezahlwesen
35. bx_persons Persons Mitglieder
36. bx_photos Photos Bilder
37. bx_polls Polls Umfragen
38. bx_posts Posts Nachrichten
39. bx_profiler Profiler Profiler
40. bx_protean Protean Protean
41. bx_quoteofday Quote of day Zitat des Tages
42. bx_smtpmailer SMTP mailer SMTP-Mailer
43. bx_snipcart Snipcart Snipcart
44. bx_spaces Spaces Räume
45. bx_timeline Timeline Zeitleiste
46. bx_una_connect Una Connect Una Connect
47. bx_videos Videos Videos
48. publicchat_complete_profile Publicchat Complete Profile Publicchat Profilvervollständigung
49. system System System

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After changing the design in another Protean style it causes a nginx error 502 ‚Bad Gateway“example:…
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1. upgrading from Una 9 to Una 102. one app has versions for example 9.3, 9.4, 9.5, 10.0If before up…
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  •  · It's better to make sure that all modules are updated to the latest possible versions before applyin…
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I have some problems with ReCaptcha on Una 10Here ReCaptcha is wrong with missing image:https://inn-…
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I’ve integrated google places with the API-Key. In the profile all is ok.  But in the view now are a…
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  •  · I've found it. :-)There was </ i> and not </i> in this key. Thanks.
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There are some keys missing in Polyglott if there is another default language like english defined i…
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In the Market I can check out with PayPal or another payment system. But I need also a check out by …
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