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Can someone help me create a mobile app for my site, please? Send me an offer! Site:

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    • I'm looking for someone to do the same.

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      • Have you guys tried This module adds neccesary styles and functionalty for proper functionality of UNA Nexus apps. Installing this module isn't enough, you need to get source code of mobile apps then modify them for your needs then publish in Google and Apple stores.             

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        • Yes , I have the Nexus. But I need a better Instruktion than this one 

          I am a Beginner.

          Can someone explain step by step?


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          Hallo, I like add navigation for My Video, My Sound, My Photos, My Groups...(look Screenshot)can someware help me with Links please?

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          Reposted AQB Soft's product.

          The App allows your members to upload sound (music) files (MP3, WAV), browse and listen previously uploaded.

          Main features:

          • Upload a sound.
          • Use categories (Classical, Hip hop, Country, etc) to organize sounds better.
          • Specify location (if it's needed).
          • Each sound can has its own Cover image. Also you may attach additional images if it's needed.
          • Share a sound's view page in social networks.
          • Use Privacy settings to control an access to the sound's view page.
          • Comment on a sound.
          • Preview popup which allows to listen the sound (music).
          • Browsing capabilities:
            • Latest Sounds block on home page.
            • Latest Sounds page.
            • Popular Sounds page.
            • Advanced Search page.
            • In UNA's Timeline.
            • etc.
          • Manage sounds tool, which allows to easily manage your own sounds in one place.
          • And many others.

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          Can someone help me create a mobile app for my site, please? Send me an offer! Site: www.russianzone…
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