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...Owner, Consultant, SysOp, Musician!!!

okay boys heres a good one,
...to engineer more than just a social network site, to give for free to entertainment professionals, Talent Agents, Band Managers, Bands, Touring Shows, to Every Working Musician with the valuable Information about great locations, music stores, Festivals, Parks, Churches, resorts, all Venues to Play, Radio and TV shows to perform, all in "Florida, USA"

 ...but how to monetize (parts, pieces the whole thing???) without being too obvious, to keep up with expenses,

...I mean affiliate marketing is only as good as their product, their price, and their advertisement, I don't want to sell something someone else picked, ...i could drop ship guitar picks or drumsticks,

 ...or sell printed ads for a monthly or quarterly print out of the constantly changing and growing, Relational Database of venues, musicians, stage tech's and sound men,

...I mean the whole database Members and all, Printed in an 8.5" x 11" very Graphical Gazetteer Format (...for Right Brained Creative Types!!!) the GigFlorida Gazetteer for Entertainment Professionals in Florida, USA

 ...niche market??? ...I think so!!!

...Musicians Unite, Collaborate, Communicate, and Gig in Florida, all 67 counties of musical career information (venues, music stores, studios, printers, retail outlets) for every Florida destination!!! 

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okay boys heres a good one, ...to engineer more than just a social network site, to give for free to…
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