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How much time will it take to create mobile apps..?

Sorry 'cause I'm asking this question again..

What about this one

This is me. Am i handsome? 😂😂

When my friend posts as anonymous then that is showing in notifications that he posted that post.

I mean I can know who is posted that using notifications.

When UNA team will launch Android app for UNA?

I want to see the feature to "logout my account from all devices".

For security purpose it's very important.

I think, I don't need to explain more about this feature. I think you will understand UNA TEAM.

When using Lucid template and in add new block (Create post block) I'm changing tab then it auto scrolled down.

It's happen also here at UNA.IO

Make it possible for those poeple who use facebook only with phone number without  an email address.

Please allow users to login with phone or email and password.

After becoming friend of any person, he can post in their friend's timeline. 

There should be a setting for who can post on person's timeline ( like only me, friends, public). 

I want to make my profile show everyone and I want that no one can post in my timeline.

When We see a photo in full screen then we can comment but not like.

Is there any way to add like button manually there? 

There are same 7 copies mail in my inbox from Native UNA Mass mailer app. Is this a bug of mass mailer?

I am not understanding when I am using a messenger push notifications then website's push notification is not working.

Should I create two apps in Onesignal, one for website and one for messenger?

What is the right way to setup?

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Thank you, it should be fixed as part of this ticket:
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It’s another project but urban is complimentary. A ReactJS web app working within ReacNative webview…
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very good idea Amitesh !
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Thank you for the report:
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Thank you the suggestion:
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