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How promote option work for timeline posts. After promoting any post what things done. Where can i see promoted posts..?

Please use ajaxify UNA in next version. After ajaxifying una will faster than older version. 

Many thing are same on every page, then after going another page same things are loading again. But with ajax you can reload only these block what you want. I know about cache but ajax is different thing.

I want to create pop up from another page our their block like notifications popup. Is it possible to create?

The latest version is great but where to enter the mobile number that I can't understand

Anything is not updating on my Una Website. UNA Platform and UNA module, both are not updating. I don't know why these things are not working.

I just wanted to reinstall fresh everything with backing up my users' data. Is it possible?

Or help me with this issue..

I have already enabled both options from the setting-

1. Enable auto-update

2. Force auto-update, even if some files were modified


Modules' updates are available but they are not updating automatically.


I want to change the look (CSS) of the email if any option from UNA Studio.

I can vote but I can't comment on Photo Contest.


Debates module is not working. May be the cause of Latest version of UNA.

Hi, I was purchased Debate module and with the mistake, Quantity was 2. Can I get my money back?

I want to inject some meta tags into some specific page's head tag. Is it possible? From anywhere?

  1. UNA should generate short-link for outbound links.
  2. Outside photos or videos should saved on own server.

With http and photos or videos links shows SSL error.

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Please use ajaxify UNA in next version. After ajaxifying una will faster than older version. Many th…
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Account SID and Auth token are in dashboard of twilio.
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I can do that but it will work that i'm not sure.
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