So I just had a member who said they were going to leave because they could do anything at the site. I found that to be weird and looked at the user in the Accounts module and saw a red Lock next to their name. 

Why would there be a lock there? What did the user do in order to become locked? 


As I mentioned on BoonEx, I took a break from BoonEx all together for about 2 years or more due to the constant failures I encountered. When it came time for me to start another project, I came back to BoonEx to power my idea.  

After years of trying, I found that you get that first surge of users joining and then all the sudden.. nothing.. and about 95%+ end up never coming back. Spend $1000's on modules and custom work. What I heard from users was 'This is way too confusing', 'This is too difficult to navigate', 'It's not very user friendly at all' - just to name a few. Eventually, I just shut everything down, server and all.

After reviewing Dolphin and UNA and all the changes that had been made in my absence, I decided UNA was the way to go for my new project. I was not disappointed. I was able to finally give users a simple, powerful, user friendly website that was easy to use. Of course, my new project and targeted audience had a lot to do with it also 😁 . All I wanted to do was build a website that people appreciated and actually 'wanted' to come back. I have much more to do but, I can definitely say that UNA is going to help me finally achieve what I have always wanted in a website.... Appreciation

I am really looking forward to the RC10 release. Specifically for the Notifications upgrade and the 'Sender' app. I feel these will take me site to a whole new level of user control and member communication abilities. 

I want to say GREAT JOB to the UNA team for giving a simple but yet, powerful new platform to explore!!!!

P.S. Whoever asked for comments to auto-populate in the timeline, it is YOUR fault that RC10 is now going to be delayed!!! 😡 😡 😡 😡  hahahah

Doe we know when RC10 will be available? My users are really complaining about all the notifications and I see where the Notifications update will allow users the ability to control what notifications they want to received. Seems to be working fine on the Dev site according to UNA team. 

If it is going to be a while before RC10 is released, is there a way to at least update the Notifications module so that we can apply that earlier?

I understand that RocketChat (aka Chat+) is an integration with UNA but is there a way to have some type of notification to members when a user enters a room if they are on another page at the website? 

I recently installed a SSL for my entire site (not just Chat) and it seems that now after going to HTTPS, if you try to enter the chat room, click the connect button, it doesn't do anything.

I reviewed the chat_log and I see this everywhere:


"line":"431","file":"oauth.js","message":"Error in OAuth Server: Unexpected token <","time":{"$date":1535380819675},"level":"warn"}

Exception while invoking method 'login' SyntaxError: Unexpected token 

Is there a way to clear out the old tokens, do I need to update something, not sure what (if anything) I can do about the OAuth2 server? 

Note: If you never actually sign out of the Chat, it will continue to work. Once you sign out, you cannot get back in. 

Once a member adds a post to the timeline and it displays in the "Feed", how can someone open it back up so you can get the direct URL to it? I have some members asking how they can share posts on websites other than FB and Twitter. 

If you click on the notification from the post, you can see the URL that way like this:

But there is no way to open the full post again once it's in the Outline feed. Any help on how to make this happen or another way of getting the full URL to the post?

OK, so I have managed to change all of my Icons on the site that I need to except 1. It is even 'green' here at UNA too. Can someone tell me where this little joker is hiding at? Its on the Discussions page of course 😛 


In dolphin,  there was a mass mail program used to email all members.  Does UNA have the same capability? 

I was looking for some clarification on the types of Notifications available and wanted to make sure I understood them properly.

When it comes to notification, in the 'Persons' section. I assume Person is a friend/follower. Is that correct?

 Persons (add comment)

 Persons (add vote)

 Persons (add)

 Persons (post to timeline)

 Persons (reply to own comment)


 For Profiles, see questions to the side:

 Profiles Friends (add connection) - When a person you are friends with or follow adds a Friend?

 Profiles Mentions (add) - When a friend or follower mentions you by using the @ symbol?

 Profiles Subscriptions (add connection) - When a friend/follower starts following another member?

If I type a comment anywhere (including here) and hit the delete key the screen jumps all around. I am using and Android phone with Chrome but I can say that the default Samsung Browser does it too. I do have Froala installed if that even matters.

You typing the word  hello and then try to delete every letter. 

Not sure what is going on here, but I have set 2 people as Moderators at my site and when I look at their membership blocks, it says Administrator? Any ideas?

Also, where can someone view their 'permissions' (i.e. Moderators). When I click on the Membership Icon,  nothing happens.

I am using Protean and I posted to the Timeline module and attached a picture as well. The post contained 290 words 1,538 characters. 

When I get a notification that someone liked/commented on it, I click the link to the post and it only displays  219 words 1,165 characters.

How can I get this to display the whole post? 

Note: When clicking the more button of that post in Outline, it does show the full post. 

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