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I am still looking for a decent, user friendly way of adding "chat" to my website. I have used Chat+ before and outside of the headaches of getting it configured and running properly, it is far fetched from being any type of user friendly. So I have another Idea. Why not extend the features of Jot Messenger to accommodate "Chat" abilities. I believe this was even brought up once before with Jot "replacing" Chat+ in the future. I know that you can currently create a custom page and put the messenger block there and have somewhat of a "chat" area but....

Imagine if you would.....

General overview: So we would need a couple of new blocks to the Messenger module. 

  1. A block that would show how many users are participating in Chat (any chat room/channel). Maybe called "Current users in Chat" or something like that. This block would be available to add to any page so other members could see who is currently chatting and may go into the Chat room/channel themselves. This block could be just a 'count' of users BUT, it would be much nicer to have the Avatars/Names listed instead. Maybe 5 per block before pagination??
  2. A block for the actual Chat itself, maybe called "Jot Chat". This block would be the actual chat design itself. Site owners would need to create a custom page and put this block on it. I say this so that we can keep control of the page title, permissions, etc. ourselves. Jot Chat would give members the ability to:
  • - Add/Edit/Delete chat rooms/channels (based on membership and/or permission levels)
  • - Add privacy options when creating the room/channel (public, friends, followers, etc). So for example, if a room/channel was Public, any member of the site could enter that room/channel. 

This Jot Chat would use the existing server/configuration as the Messenger. So no need to setup anything new. 


Would need a site/email/push notification generated whenever a member has created a new chat room/channel.

Would need a site/email/push notification generated whenever a member has entered the "Chat". This may need to be more generic versus specifically stating "which" room/channel the member joined into since they could have entered a room/channel that has a privacy level that may not allow the notification recipient to enter. May need some input on this one. Maybe site notification only??? Ideas or suggestions here. 

In the chat/channel rooms themselves, it should display messages when a member enters the room/channel and when they leave. Maybe even a sound notification as well would be nice. 


Web version: When viewing the Jot Chat page on a computer, the member would see something similar as we do now on the Messenger page. On the left side column, there would be a list of rooms/channels and blank on the right side column . If the member does not have the permissions to join a specific room due to the privacy level, it should show a "Lock/Pad Lock" (or not show at all). Example, if a member created a room/channel and set it to Friends, then a member who is NOT friends with the creator would see this lock or not see it at all. 

Once a user enters a room/channel, the participants of that chat would then be displayed on the left side (Name/Avatar) column while the ongoing chat comments are displayed on the right.   

 Mobile View (not mobile app): This is where it might get a little tricky. In mobile/responsive view, there would not be a "left" side panel. It would show a single block with the names of the rooms/channels. The user would click one of the rooms to enter it and begin chatting. There would need to be some way to allow these mobile users to see who all is in that room/channel though. Maybe a button called "Participants" somewhere at the top right of the chat block that when clicked, would show who all is in there??? 

Just some thought here. What do you think Alexey or Andrew Boon ? A little too much to ask?

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We have all seen those posts regarding emails not getting sent or going to spam folders. Well, there are 2 ways you can resolve but most people are not aware on how to setup reverse DNS settings with a PTR record so, thanks to Baloo for mentioning MailJet for using with your SMTP module in UNA. To me, MailJet is one of the most affordable and easy setups I have seen yet so, I figured I would give a helping hand on setting it up. 

So here is what you need to do:

  1. Make sure you have installed the latest version of the SMTP module for UNA if you haven't already. You can do a search for SMTP in your Studio > Apps Market. 
  2. Go to and click the "Sign Up for Free" button. Enter you email address and password to setup the account. 
  3. During the setup, it is going to ask you what "type" of setup you want. Make sure you choose the "Developer" and "SMTP Relay" options. This is all you will need from them since you will be using them for just a SMTP service and IF you want to send "marketing" emails to all your members, I would suggest installing Mass Mailer module and using that instead. 
  4. Once you have completed the account setup, you will be given 3 important things you will need for your SMTP module at your UNA site.
  • USERNAME (API KEY): Which is the SMTP username in UNA
  • PASSWORD (SECRET KEY):Which is the SMTP Password in UNA
  • SMTP SERVER: Which is the SMTP server name in UNA. 

By default, your account will be set to a FREE account which allows 3,000 emails per month but, limited to 200 per day. If you have a lot of activity on your website, I would suggest upgrading that to the Bronze package which give you 30,000 emails a month with no daily limits. I prefer to pay monthly and it's $9.65/month

In UNA - Go into the SMTP module and do the following:

Put a checkmark in Enable SMTP mailer and SMTP authentication (Is your SMTP server requires username and password?)

Using the 3 pieces of important info from above, enter the values you have into the fields to match. I would suggest using Port 587 and change the secure connection to TLS. See below:


You can also update the "From" field in SMTP with that you want. From here, you can click "Test" on the left side menu in the SMTP module. You can test to make sure you have everything setup properly. Enjoy! 😎 

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I would like to make a suggestion for the Timeline module. When members post to the Timeline module, it gets displayed in the Outline/Timeline feed. Since most of my members come from Twitter, I would like to request the following:

1. To make the "cards" that hold these post in the Outline/Timeline a little bit smaller. I think they are a little too big right now. This may already be possible and if so, where can I change them at? 

2. Have a way to "click/tap" the posts in the Outline/Timeline feeds to open up so that it is easier to see the post and all comments in a single page. You can either have them open in the same page so that the members can just hit the back button to return to the Timeline or have it "pop-up" so that the post and comments are viewable that way and maybe put an X in the top right corner so you can close it and return to where you were. We need to have the ability to Like/Comment on the post from this area as well. 

Currently right now, the only way to open a post in a full page from the Outline/Timeline is to click the "date stamp" of when it was posted (see below). Most people don't even know you can do that. 


If you would like more of how it works for #2, you can go to Twitter and see how it works there. Tapping the tweet will open it up where you can view and see all the likes, comments, AND have the ability to post your own comment there as well. 

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So I was playing around and figured I would enable the homepage submenu that displays Explore, Trends, Updates, etc. but when I click on Trends, Updates, or Explore, I just get blank pages.. 

I went in to Studio > Pages and I can see the pages there but there are no block in them. Am I missing something?

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When someone posts JUST an image on the timeline (no text/comments with it), the notification does not render the language key _bx_timeline_txt_sample_with_image properly. I have checked the key and it is there. This seems to have started in UNA RC2 and still exists in UNA10 after I upgraded.  See the screenshot below. Please tell me how to fix this. 


I had this happen once before with UNA 9 RC10 - see here:

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I have been checking the B3 status on GitHub and see that it's at 78% at the moment. Is there an update that can be provided of when it might be released?

I really need these 2 issues below fixed as soon as we can get them. 

Thanks in advance 😁 

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I think this has been discussed before but I couldn't find it. When you make a post to the timeline, in the post form you have all of the attachments available like Photo, Link, Video as seen below:


But if you edit the post from the timeline, you do not get these options - Just post and cancel:


It would be nice for user to be able to Add/Edit/Delete any media content that was added using these buttons on the initial post. I attempted to "switch" these on in the Edit Post area of Forms > Fields but it didn't work. When I enable Photo, it actually breaks the edit. Enabling Link or Video does nothing. 

Is there any way to add these attachments when editing a timeline post? 

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I have been doing some testing on a couple of sites and happened to notice that 1 of the sites were no longer updating any changes I was making to the CSS Styles.. I use Protean with a custom CSS Style Mix by default for my websites and Chrome as my browser. Here is what happens... 

If you go to the bottom of the page and click Design - You will see all the templates you have installed like below (I have Protean and Lucid):


If you click ANY of these, you cannot get back to your own Custom CSS you may have for Protean. So of course, any design updates I was making to my Custom CSS Style Mix was not reflecting in Chrome. I cleared the files and images cache in Chrome and it still didn't work. I had to clear the Cookie and Other Site Data (which signs me out of every website I am logged in to - pain in the ass). THEN I was able to see the my custom CSS Style Mix for Protean. 

You need to add a regular Protean into the choices that will allow you to go back to Protean using whichever Style Mix you have set for your site. Maybe even have (Default) next to whichever is set to default in Studio > Designer. 

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Hey Andrew Boon,

I would like to make a suggestion regarding the time cycles to updates and "fixes". I know that you made a post about how often you planned to provide updates to UNA in general however, I think there should also be some exceptions to the rule. 

With the latest release of 10.0.0-B1 - it was given as an option to install it or not. There are several of us who decided to go ahead and install it on test site and even some live sites. We did this in order to help test and report issues/bugs with the release. Myself, Baloo, Michael, and several others have been posting these issues here in the discussions area and unfortunately, I am not see many responses by anyone from the UNA team. This is very concerning as it seems we are not being heard and wasting our time (I know that isn't the case but..). UNA Team should at least acknowledge the posts with a resolution or a link to the issues list.

What I am getting to is this: We have reported several "major issues" that I believe should have already been fixed. For example, the Notifications issue I posted HERE and even mentioned it in the initial Beta 1 release post by you, almost immediately. This issue alone can cause major problems to a website. It's notifications that help keep the members engaged in what's going on. Then you have the permissions issue Michael posted about. No reactions notifications mentioned by Baloo. The UNA Team should be releasing these types of fixes almost immediately instead of waiting for more issues to be reported. I checked the GitHub and did not see anything regarding the Notifications issues and it is even happening here at 

I personally would rather have multiple "hot fixes" updates, even if it's just 1 module at a time, then waiting weeks or months for a bunch of things to get fixed at one time. I also think this would be much easier for the UNA Dev Team in general. I do understand that an update/fix to 1 module could affect multiple modules and I get that but if possible, please try to get these major issues fixed as soon as your team can.  

Again, this is not a rant and I am very happy with the release so far 😀 . This is strictly a mere suggestion. 

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