I noticed that if you double click on someones message to you in messenger it will let you edit their post and save it. This doesn't seem like something you would want to happen...

It looks like the vendor test module has been ported to UNA without actually making it compatible. (I would post a link to it but I can't with my membership level now....)

It will install into UNA ok, but it doesn't update the table to allow its service to be added from the blocks menu. 

I'm not sure if anything else might be missing as the documentation appears to be for dolphin, or perhaps an older UNA version?

Is it possible to include php in raw blocks? If so how should we do it, because I haven't had any luck just inserting <?php  ...code... ?> 

If not, is there another type of block that we can use for this?

Is there a way to create dynamic pages within the studio, or do they have to be coded?

I want to create an extra page for every person with a high enough profile level. 

I know that menu item names can have variables dynamically inserted in them by using {var-name}. Can more extensive coding be done in them, such as if statements? I'm talking about using the navigation option in the studio menu.

Is there a way to have menu items appear only on profiles that satisfy certain criteria, such as only those with a certain membership level? I want everyone to be able to see the menu items, but for them to only exist on select profiles.


I'm wondering what permissions need to be set to include <script> tags in RAW blocks.

I don't have any problem including html in RAW blocks until I use a <script> tag, and then it refuses to save. I do know that it seems to work for other people, so I'm guessing I need to change somethings in my settings somewhere?

I'm trying to use the cytoscape.js library to include a network visualization, and neither the raw nor html blocks seem to save with <script> tags present. 


Is this supposed to be a security feature, and if so how do the developers want us to run scripts?

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