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Olariu Romeo Vicentiu
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I'm curious about one thing. when I surf one from one menu to another why does the browser need to reload the header if it is the same? This thing on a big web site consumes a lot of resources on the server for nothing.

Olariu Romeo Vicentiu
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is it a secret in installing jot server?
I have not managed to make it work.
In messenger i always have the message ...Connecting, but never conect


Olariu Romeo Vicentiu
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It's very cool kiss when I browsing a users profile UNA to see many links in the user profile where she always writes the same thing: "EMPTY"

Was this problem already solved in Dolphin at some point? Where were menu and html blocks without content is invisible? I wonder why the same mistakes in the UNA script that are supposed to be superior to Dolphin should always be repeated?

Or is it a new strategy to fool the search engines that I did not know and prove that the site has more content and more pages.

I'm curious to find out what it is useful to see many pages with EMTY content.
Is there a smart boy who can illuminate me?
Is UNA the same Dolphin that starts from 0 with another name and another interface or is it an evolution of the Dolphin script?

I feel in the fog,

I morally support development and refuse to follow the same paths of the past.

Have nice day developers

Olariu Romeo Vicentiu
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I understand that you can transfer a dolphin license for an UNA license.
We requested by email at support@boonex.com and also through the contact page at https://una.io/page/contact
I sent my boonex id and my ID from one plus license they want to transfer, but I have not yet received the license transfer.
I am a 9 year member of the boonex community and have invested from my time and my money in this project that I have believed from the beginning.
But it seems like I have to be a member of a public forum to get access to what I think is right.
I want to know how long it takes to get access to UNA modules,
I was invited by boonex to sign up here I want to know if I miss time in vain or not.
When I want to download the modules, the message is Access denied.

I think a transfer script is required for boonex users who have a dolphin license and want to use UNA,

Human Support is very slow

Already there are three days since I asked to use UNA and my license was not transferred.


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