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Wanted to ask everyone if you know how to stop google and other bots from indexing my users in the search results.

I know how to use robots.txt , but not sure what to disallow to stop the indexing of users. Anyone has knowledge of that issue.


Also please Una devs make the urls friendly, the style used now is ancient and browsers and google dont like it too much.

Hello everyone, just noticed that "add image" in "Update Status" text filed in the user dashboard doesn't work. Tried different links to images with or without the https and www, but still doesn't work. I know that mini Tinymce was a new addition for this area of the site, so maybe that is why.  Or if it works what is the way to add the image to the text?


I have shared hosting, and like many here I have problem running cron jobs because of the hosting provider settings for the path to the php binary, which right now I dont know. You could try "/usr/local/bin/php" or "php", but for me it didn't work. One reason might be that I have multiple websites under my main domain. Anyways, to update UNA you need the cron job running, so wanted to share how I managed to temporary fix the problem and easily update UNA from 9.0.0-RC4 to 9.0.0-RC5 to 9.0.0-RC6. By the way the path that was given by UNA's install was not compatible with my shared hosting and generated errors every minute in /periodic/error_log, by changing to /usr/local/bin/php from /usr/bin/php I got rid of the errors.

The way I made cron job run was easy and straight forward:

1. delete contents from these two folders:


2. disable in /periodic  .htaccess by renaming it .htaccess_old


3. make account with cron-jobDOTorg fill the path to the cron.php  in their app and set the intervals to run the file


4. Go to Studio/Dashboard and click on the update button in top left.


5. If you get message files have been modified and cannot update go to Studio/Settings/Site settings and check "Force auto-update, even if some files were modified". Go back to step 4 and update.

Now you have the latest update and can concentrate on fixing your cron jobs with your hosting provider.

If you find your cron job is not working you need to ask you hosting provider for the correct path to the php binary that runs cron. I am waiting on reply from the provider with details how to setup the cron job and if it is interesting I will add it here.



Hi Guys,

So I clicked "Create a new profile" in my user dashboard and all my dates in "Posts" went to 1970 January. How can I disable the option to add additional user account? This is second time this happens, luckily had just backed up my DB and lost little translation I've done.

In designer - injections - <HEAD> injection you can add the following line 

<!-- Chrome, Firefox OS and Opera -->
<meta name="theme-color" content="YOUR RGB COLOR CODE">

this will colorize the url browser bar with your website's head or body color (if you use one) and will make the browser blend with your website. My main menu has dark background and now with this injection the url bar on top of my site had same dark background with light url text. Pretty cool, wanted to share this :)

This only works on mobile and I guess on tablet browsers now, but still very very cool.

How can I show albums marked with visibility "Friends" anywhere on the site?

I made few albums that I marked as visible to friends only, but my friends can only see them if they dig deep into my profile. Is there a way to make a block that will show my albums marked as visible to "Friends" only in the timeline for my friends?

Thank you

Hi, my installation of Una does not have a check-mark or any other meaningful feedback for the selected options for the "Hidden on" list in the edit Blocks dialog in the Pages in the back end.

On my phone the list does have the selected check-mark, but my desktop Chrome browser doesn't. So you do the display selection blind on a desktop. Is this the way it should be?

was wondering why there isn't an option to select "Title + Background + Padding" and skip the "Content" in the Pages "Add Block" or the blocks already added in that page. Or is there another way around that? My idea is to have Posts on the home page only with picture and title, but not to show the default 300 character text below that. I tried to input "0" for the characters, but minimum allowed is 150 in the posts application in the backend. I also tried the "Gallery" view, but that will show 3 columns of posts with shortened titles, so not what I wanted to achieve. Any suggestions?


I want to make a custom Public Feed that only shows the Post to Feed results, and I want to place  that on a new page I created. Right now the Public Feed will show Posts to Public Feed, Albums and Posts. I enabled the Developer app and I can see that in the Forms-Timeline-Post in the Developer app there is: Table, Key Field, URI Field and URI Source Field. I can also see that in the DB table for the Timeline "bx_timeline_events"  there is a different name for the Post to Feed - "timeline_common_post". So how can I only show that in a custom Public Feed on a new page I created?

To sum it up; I would like to show only "timeline_common_post" in a layout similar to the Public Feed layout.

The Developer app looks a little intimidating to me, and the DEV-forms wiki is even scarier, so is there a simpler solution to this?

Hi, could someone point me where do I change tinymce settings like insert link (none/new window) and UI language. 

Thank you


I am translating the UI and have to say UNA is great, very simple and easy really. However today I got missing page elements while translating the "INFO" module in the "Posts". The category is there, but date and time modified and last edited disappeared and cannot get them back. Tried changing back to English in the translation, but still cannot get it to show up. Any advice? The info for the "Albums" still shows and is not translated, I haven't touch them. Below is a picture of the "Posts" with missing date, the back-end with the "forms" window and last is a picture of "Albums" which I haven't touched.



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