Why we like UNA?

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  • I like it because it’s evolving relentlessly. 

    • Because ,

      it's behaving as expected, no surprises.

      Very mindful design in every detail

      High Customisations capacity

      Passionate and experienced team

      • Sorry guys for my just 1 cent, in my opinion it is a bit to early for self-we-together-celebrating. I join and visit and pay my dime for  every party at that special moment we have a FIRST STABLE RELEASE of UNA. 

        I was a commercial dolphin user (spended some 1000 dollars for testing, apps and customizations...) and will be a good UNA customer. I switched to UNA because I started with dolphin in JAN 2018 and saw the rapid developement of UNA. So there was no discussion about switching ... the facts using UNA are in another dimension of social comm. building...

        Please concentrate on a FIRST STABLE RELEASE we can start with to build up the communities we like. Úntil this FIRST STABLE UNA is released, please skip all 'nice' things....

        You are a small team of real pros AND helpful within every request. For that fact only you deserve all stars ever provided..... 

        So, my cent and - before I forget - thy again to all the bug busters (baloo, cem, chris...)

        0=) peter

        • True, its too early to jump the gun, looks very promising.

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