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UNA is currently developing a number of pre-configured 'solutions' built on UNA Platform. Each solution would be a pre-configured turn key solution that would enable new users to get going straight away. Ultimately each 'solution' would still be configurable via Studio as per an UNA site. We plan to roll out all of these solutions over the coming 12 months - but we are interested to know what would be your preference - which ones do you want to see the most? Which ones should we consider doing first?

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    • Whatever the user choose it to be. Flexible.

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      • Pethol - ultimately UNA is a framework that can be configured into anything. What we are proposing is similar to the Lego kits - where you can get a box of bits, or you can get the pre-built solution - that you could still pull apart and rebuild into anything else.Β 

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        • What I feel, sitting on the other side of the table, is that I get a lego kit box, where the bricks in it has to be made first, before you can actually build anything useful. At the end of the day, a person like me would have to pay someone to end up with a site that is functional. :-)
          A shiny facade, does not make a functional house.

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        • UNA, have to check the market, not to propose what other to very well (Facebook, LinkedIn, Meetic, ...) and what is needed that cannot (or hardly be found elsewhere).Β 

          Considering UNA is more likely to go on professional market (not or less anymore Dating website like Dolphin). Then it should be able to give opportunity for client to create high value services with strong quality (not the functionally unfinished Dolphin). So :

          1) Sharing, learning, building professional relations are the orientation to take.

          2) The UNA "out of the box" should be very very reliable, with out some 75% finished scripts that need to be customized.Β 

          The 2) point is part of a new economical model for UNA, that could include some services like help on configuration, or even co-animation, administration, ... . I will be ready to paid for this if I do not have anymore to spend hours and hours on qualification for testing new scripts or evolution from UNA scripts.

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          • This is a very good idea, it will also allow you to take stock of what is missing for each niche and thus cover them all to perfection, this can only be beneficial for everyone.

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            • Great idea, these pre-configured solutions will speed things up. Thanks

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              • For me I believe, the legos should start with a mobile app ( I know some one is already working on it)

                With Una you can create multiple profiles, I think that’s a powerful feature,Β 

                1. If anyone want to create a Learning website then profile -1 (learning profile) can be used to deliver contents and profile-2 should used for examinations and certifications.

                2. If people are thinking about a social media platform they should consider profile 1- for friends and social sharing and profile-2 should be professional networking . So in one solution you can have 2 network types . Sharing of friends and resources between these profiles depends on requirements.

                Finally, keep doing well, always make sure you get some income ( don’t be like big blue or search giants) respect privacy and earn

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                • Not only that, but doctors and psychologists could do massive online consultations.
                  Even a car mechanic, could guide people to fix their own car if needed.
                  "Social" does not limit itself to just chatting, showing off and collect people as pets. I would like to see it being a functional part of society.

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                  • yep absolutely Pethol - the social part of UNA is governing the permissions system - what we layer on top of that could be anything. I'm right there with you I would love to see 'Social' move away from mindless entertainment for the masses and steered towards more functional outcomes.

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                    • LEGO has robotics projects going, which are pretty fun and educational.
                      3D printing. People sending each other "gifts" using 3D printers.
                      I can think of a million things UNA would be perfect for.
                      FaceBook would be an obsolete dinosaur in a flash.

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                    • What I learned over the past year is that no matter how incredible the software is, without the ability to get word out to the world about the existence of your community, it's not going to survive. If there is some way to add marketing assistance or some way to help get things off the ground and attract users, it would be a huge step forward. The billion dollar companies, in my opinion, have cornered the market already and without some sort of new gimmick, extreme technological advancement or million dollar television commercials, I haven't seen how its at all possible to become successful in today's social media market.Β 

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                      • Like being able to turn on the coffee machine in New-York for the husband, while on business trip in Tokyo. People remote interacting with each other so to speak. That also opens up for a new market in robotics. Like have your robot doing household things in your Kenyan house, while you're in Finland.Β 

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                      • Hello, thanks a lot for a detailed information regarding the upcoming pre -configured solutions/packages built on UNA platform. I thought of two ideas but you already have them both on your list - 1) I may know of a Gas company, which should be testing UNA as a Corporate (Intranet) Network for their team collaboration and file sharing.

                        The most interesting on your list, however, is the #1. Even if, there are many PHP based LMS' (like Moodle, ILIAS, etc), UNA could be a neat alternative for those who are into corporate training business. Lastly, sorry for these messy thoughts/questions - is UNA an LTI enabled platform? How about supporting xAPI (TinCan)? Segment? Or may be it would be better to have integration with Concerto Platform, in future?

                        P.S. In fact, what I meant was, UNA + Concerto Platform could easily compete with Valamis.

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                        • Thank you for the ideas and thoughts, we can't comment it yet since we haven't reseach any of these options, I've added it to the ticked for the future:


                          So we'll consider them when we'll implement learning features.

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                          • Mars??? Woah!
                            I'll sit back and wait for this one to happen. Then I'll come up with a surprise.

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                            • Hi Mark and Alex T. Thanks both a lot for your replies, and the future ticket : ) Moodle and Facebook together sounds excellent idea to me! Β Lastly, here is just a minor addition - H5P is a php based Open Source plugin (e.g. Moodle) that uses xAPI.

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                            • A module for - Bill splitting between friends

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                              • Business Network like LinkedIn would be great. Sharing Hub also would be really cool for an intranet project.

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                                • In my opinion the ideal combinaton is Linkedin + Udemy.Β 

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                                  • Initial days, results were very tight and close, days pass by

                                    Now results look like :- people still like or "Need" a new Social Network --every one bored or used to the Gigantic blue.

                                    Some legos or modulesΒ 

                                    1- Mobile app,

                                    2-Email System - A module to connect gmail or other emails, - We are using google authentication can be enhanced to access emails as well

                                    3. Learning module- Can think about to integrate a APIΒ 

                                    4. Country specific utility billers - recharges,

                                    5.Moderation tools - Content moderation - to address any legal requirements

                                    6.Marketpplace / chat - Already available*

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                                    • very nice

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                                      • Alex T⚜️ 

                                        Please consider the solution below when you will implement security features.

                                        Solution for Security and Remote AccessΒ ( UNA + Open VPN )

                                        1) Mobile app + VPN client

                                        2) UNA + VPN server


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