What kind of text (if any) do you think should be used in a ?

No editor, just plain text.
19 votes (47.5%)
Pure contentEditable standard browser tools.
7 votes (17.5%)
Pure Markdown or BBcode
3 votes (7.5%)
Editor based on contentEditable with WYSIWYG-style interface.
7 votes (17.5%)
WYSIWYG editor.
4 votes (10%)
Comments (4)
  • I think just plain text with the ability to put emojis in it...You don't want it to be bulky like conversations is...I think you should also take out the WYSIWYG-style interface from conversations and just allow for text and emojis in that also...

    Also, allow for pics to be uploaded in messenger along with files.

    Links in messenger should also be able to bring up a preview.

    • I am of the same opinion, I am surprised that you ask this question for messenger. Simple text, preview of the links in priority, at least Youtube, with if possible the possibility to watch the video in the window of messenger as in Anton in his Simple Chat, it's very nice, it will already be well, after you can add audio and video.

      The goal is to have an instant discussion, we will not spend its time to get in shape, I think ...
      • Yes, embeds are already working and we are about to add attachments.

        As for text formatting, looks like we're keeping it plain text for messages.
        • This is good news and a big +++. After, for the initial question and for all questions that concern messenger, inspire yourself of +, it is perfect, I think that everyone will agree with that.

          If you manage to do something like it with the benefit of a perfect integration, then I think you will have created a little jewelry....