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UNA 9rc4 released! Notifications, Videos, Google Tags, and more.

This update had to be HUGE. We didn't really want to bring new enhancements until the , but some of the improvements required by clients sites dictated the need for a whole sack of Christmas goodies.

Full list of changes and download links is here

Sites with activated automatic updates should be already running this latest version. This version is upgradable and is currently the most stable UNA package available.

New modules

System Enhancements

  • Push notifications - 1010
  • Option to create profile automatically from account info - 986
  • Ability to restrict posting links for certain membership levels (spam protection) - 953
  • New Alert, Confirm, Prompt popups instead of default javascript popups - 923
  • Templates HEAD section reorganisation - 1001
  • Close popup on pressing esc - 984
  • Comment reply notification now includes link and title of the page with comments - 918
  • Languages enhancements - 983
  • Multiple photos upload code was moved to General base module - 978
  • Video transcoder: video duration parsing method was added- 959
  • Load retina images when window.devicePixelRatio > 1.5 - 957
  • Updated email templates - 939
  • Display last cron execution time in hosting audit - 937
  • Google reCaptcha v.2 - 933
  • New default order for Studio Apps - 931
  • Styles Mixer: background-attachment setting - 926
  • Ability to change loading Indicator via template - 893
  • Allow to place added and changed fields to the view form - 920
  • Studio Apps Market: new browsing pages - 907
  • Clickable copyright sign - 902
  • Custom Search now supports date and location field types - 897 866
  • Ability to add CSS styles via BxDolTemplate class - 894
  • New setting to set redirect page after email confirmation - 891
  • Account profile usability enhancements - 890
  • One option to enable/disable autoupdates - 930

Modules enhancements

  • Organisations: allow to switch to Organisation profile for all organisation members - 975
  • Profile/Text based modules: editable snippet menu - 989 967
  • Profile modules: display profile name first letter when no profile image uploaded - 938
  • Profile modules: private profiles usability enhancements - 906
  • Profile modules: comments are now searchable - 863
  • Group/Events: "My Entries Actions" menu on "Entries of Author" page - 1006
  • Notifications: show events from the date when user is subscribed to someone - 996
  • Notifications: updated content and layout - 940
  • Accounts: allow to manage accounts from Studio - 982
  • Payments: custom data support - 977
  • Events: Start and End dates aren't mandatory anymore - 968
  • Events/Groups/Posts: variables for author (thumb, link, name) to use in snippet - 965 966
  • Daily emails with joined members with thumbnail - 938
  • Market: collapsible photo and file ghosts - 932
  • Market: sorting downloads and hide old downloads by default - 895
  • Forum: allow to use an attachment as cover image for the topic - 916 900
  • Timeline: post on separate page now has own title and meta tags - 904
  • Timeline: images for preview in popup are resizing now - 881

70+ bugfixes


  • Organisation add/edit forms may need manual reordering, since new fields were added.
  • This update includes various UI fixes, so make sure to clear browser cache and reload pages if you see any layout problems. 
  • Please, report and ask about technical issues at UNA Discussions



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  • Andrew, I've received 4 notification emails for the same discussion. The issue Issues with RC4 right after update. Not sure why or if it's a big with una notifications.
    • Are they exactly the same? Note that you may have a few profiles following the discussion author. You may also be receiving updated for all discussion replies. You can turn some on and off via Notifications app in Studio.
      • Yes, the same. The notifications were all for this post.
      • After auto update to RC4, the "load more" on the public feed no longer works. Plus, after logging in, there is only one column on the public feed. Also there are some links in the admin that look corrupt. See attached images.
        • What about the user blocking system?
          • Please use schema.org structured data for best SEO. Every great website is using structured data.
            • Hello I would like to update my site. But I have an important question, I made changes in key languages. if I am up to date, my changes will not be erased yes or no?because having renamed "organization" in "couple" must I resume everything after this update. Same for third-party modules. I renamed certain modules too?
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