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Online.Me Update

Earlier this week, Andrew and I sat down to recap on our discussions thus far in the planning on Online.Me

It was an interesting conversation and we covered a lot of ground - a lot of the content discussed will be relevant to anyone who is planning to build a Social Community website. There is 14 minutes of pow wow in total so I've broken it into 2 parts.

In the first video we discuss the scope of Online.Me - what we want it to be, what it won't be and some idea of the planned functionality.

In the next video we get into an interesting tangent about intuitive design for social media, and how we are seeking to emulate natural socialisation patterns in an Online Social Community environment. We also recap on the planned functionality for Online.Me - ie. using Individual Profiles and Groups functions with a limited range of post types, but based around standard posts and including events.

In re-watching this I realised that it is a little ambiguous, we state that Online.Me will not be a dedicated photo or video sharing site, but Online.Me WILL include the capacity to publish and share videos and photos, it just won't be built around these single use formats.

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    • Oi, videos are still inaccessible.

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      • I'm not sure what you mean?

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      • Since I am deaf. If videos are "educate-able", it should be captioned. To make it accessible for the deaf and other people who's english aren't their native language. Could you please use YouTube or add a link to there?

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        • Okay yes, thank you I understand now. That's good feedback, this video was more conversational, the detailed instructions will include screencasts - but we will certainly discuss this within our team to ensure that all of our further instructions are instructional. Perhaps using the auto caption feature in YouTube is a good option, I will try it out.

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        • Online.Me WILL include the capacity to publish and share videos and photos

          You scaring me. Is it revolutionary step? :)) explane, please, what're you, guys, mean.

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          • Just that it will be doing photo video sharing as usual, but that’s not the site main focus. Online.me is not at all about offering revolutionary tools. It’s just a way to show how a complete implementation of UNA for a social network would look and work in reality, along with instructions on how to accomplish the same setup. 

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            • It makes sence. Got it:))


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            • I think its a good idea for displaying capabilities of UNA and experimentation sake without breaking una.io but I would be weary to use it as a support site of any sorts. I wouldn't even answer questions and make it known that it's not  a support site. I say this because you will be pulling away from una.io and it's community and level of support that's been built up over the years. Just my opinion

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              • What I want is a fully working demo site so we can test when we have a problem to determine if it is a code bug or a problem on our end.  You can set up a demo site that refreshes just like the bleeding Dolphin demo site with a login set up where we don't have to bloody sign up just to check a bleeding problem we are having.  Is that so difficult to provide?

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