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RC9 Release - Font Awesome Pro, New Post Form, New Uploads, Improved Security

The UNA RC9 Update is with us. Building upon the Enhancements of RC8 and adding in a few more sweet features as well. You might have noticed a slightly new look to this UNA site and perhaps you own site as well. This is  partly due the fresh Font Awesome Pro update, which we outline below. Andrew has also adjusted the page layout slightly, shifting the focus of UNA to focus on support for UNA Platform.

Within Timeline Module you can see new post form for with tabs allowing posting of different content items to different contexts from single location. There are also a whole bunch of other tweaks and enhancements, many of them responding to your requests, our Design & Dev Team is endlessly innovating and enhancing to ensure that UNA becomes and remains the best Social Community CMS on planet earth.

There are also some important notes outlined below to consider that will fix and issues that you might encounter during the version upgrade. 

New modules

  • FontAwesome Pro - https://una.io/page/view-product?id=128 
    🆓 FontAwesome 5 system support, including style prefix.
    🆒 FontAwesome Pro module for all paid plans. Add more icons and a new "light" style. 

Font Awesome Pro brings a burgeoning collection 2000+ icons to your fingertips that will freshen up the look of your site and is easily updated with UNA. And best of all there is no subscription cost - Font Awesome Pro is free with all UNA Pro Plans.

System Enhancements

  • United post content form - #1347

New Post Form with tabs allowing posting of different content items to different contexts from single location. You can create Discussion, Blogs, Poll or Updates seamlessly from the same interface.

  • New uploader with client side image resizing - #1354

Integration of Dropzone.js file uploader which offers copy and paste directly into the post and drag and drop functions. Making the UNA UX much more fluid.

  • Updated "Profile stats" block - #1341
  • FontAwesome v5 - #1346
  • Lockout mechanism for incorrect login attempts - #1310
  • More stronger passwords are now required - #1309
  • Manage reports functionality - #1258

  • Age checking for "date" field - #1130

This Enhancement is a direct response to community feedback, many of you were concerned about not being able to limited the age range for joining and searching within UNA. Yo u expressed that this was a pressing issue and requested that we fix it straight away, so we did. You can now set the age range for joining your site, which will inform the min & max values for search.

  • Studio Pages: ability to select site submenu in page options - #1273
  • Studio Pages: page design selector in page options - #1363
  • Studio Pages: possibility to work with pages from template modules - #1333
  • File extension is now checked before the upload - #1382
  • Relocate to homepage by default after login - #1314
  • More informative message when module update failed - #1279
  • Comments: "More" button was moved to actions menu - #1391
  • Automatic 'dynamic' mode detection for forms - #1345
  • Service method to return specific form object - #1329
  • Service method for universal "browse" function in profile based modules - #1272
  • Possibility to customize SVG loading indicator via template - #1320

Modules enhancements

  • Timeline: setting to show/hide toolbar in HTML editor - #1405
  • Timeline: allow profile owner and group admin to pin items in their timelines - #1388
  • Timeline: new algorithms for "Hot" sorting - #1291
  • Posts: separate "cover image" field - #1364
  • Videos: video thumbnail is now a link to the video - #1380
  • Videos: cover/poster image display remake - #1324
  • Persons/Orgs: new option to "disable profile activation" letter - #1374
  • Persons/Orgs: active profiles block with showcase view - #1306
  • Persons/Orgs: show "0 Friends/0 Followers" in browse unit meta into - #1312
  • Events/Groups/Spaces: author is now a member and an admin of created entry automatically - #1383
  • Events/Groups/Spaces: display cover image in Timeline if it's available, otherwise show thumbnail - #1292
  • 50+ bugfixes


  • Site may remain in maintenance mode after upgrade when SMPT Mailer module is enabled, in this case check logs/upgrade.log for any errors if everything is ok, then just delete .bx_maintenance file from the root UNA folder.
  • If you have Froala editor module installed, then you need to install new FontAwesome Promodule to have toolbar correctly displayed in the editor.
  • Froala editor may display message about the license error, then just clear your browser's cache.
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Comments (14)
  • So I bought Froala and now I have to by FontAwesome Promodule to fix it to show the right icons? That's a load of BS...

    How can you charge for one, break it and then charge for another to fix it?

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    • Hi Five For A Change - most subscribers to Froala are getting it through the Power Apps collection, so Font Awesome Pro is also included - but yes we totally see your point, for those that don't have PowerApps that is BS! The issue is actually just a bug that will be sorted in the next Release due in a couple of weeks, but in the interim we will come up with fix for you and anyone else in your situation. I've mentioned this to  Andrew Boon and he will chime in shortly to give a work around... 

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      • Also, where do I find the United post content form Module?

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        • System block called "create post". 

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          • see Baloo comment below...

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          • How can i use United post content form ? i have RC 9.0 installed already 

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            • You can put it where you want, look here they put on home page, but you can also create a new page and add the block Create Post (Public) + public feed (timeline)

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              • I was asking where you put it at...not how. But appreciate it. I am using it on the homepage and View Profile page so that users on their profile can post the same way as if on the homepage.

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                • Create Post (Public) - add to any page without context such as homepage. Content added this way will be posted as public without any context by default, unless you select another privacy.

                  Create Post (Context) - add to any profile page with context, such as view profile, org, group, event, space pages. Content posted this way will be assigned to the particular context, so post made via this block into group will be displayed in group timeline and group's posts tab only.

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