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UNA RC11 Lots of bug fixes, plus a few cool enhancements, the angels 😇 are in the details...

The UNA-verse has been rapidly expanding in recent months - with many new modules added, this created multiple issues that the team have devoted maximum time to ironing out.

RC11 has been released and contains lots of fixes of issues that presented in RC10. RC10 was feature rich, with a lot of those new features still filtering in, the team have devoted maximum time to ensuring that all the ensuing bugs were sorted out. 

With RC11 smoothing out the operations of UNA - the advent of UNA 10 seems ever closer.

With that said - whilst there were not any major new modules added, there were a few new tweaks that are worth a look; 

Analytics Module - Export Reports via CSV - simple but vital, export your analytics data out of UNA into a shareable format, ready to be utilised wherever it needs to be.

Spaces - New Browsing Block with Top Parent Spaces only. - This helps to simplify the top level of taxonomy, so you can present a page with just the Top Level of Spaces only.

Payments -  Enable/disable payment providers via Studio. A tweak to the Payments Module - we can now switch on and off which payment providers are displayed in our payment gateway.

Channels: add ACL action 'create channel auto' #1619 - This feature gives admin power to designate via Permissions Builder what levels of users can create new channels based on hashtags. 

With UNA RC11 - the angels are in the details - the full list of fixes and enhancements is on Github - https://github.com/unaio/una/projects/10

 The attention now moves towards improving documentation and training - and of course preparation for the UNA10 version release. 

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