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UNA RC12 is released - the good ship UNA is now ready to sail you towards your dreams…

As many have witnessed, the UNA platform has grown exponentially over the last 6 months - rapid development and release of new features has kept us all scrambling to keep up with the action and potential of UNA. What we have now realised is a Community Management System with an incredible set of features straight available straight out of the box - and the potential to be configured into just about anything.

With UNA RC12 we are almost at the end of the line of our Release Candidates (RCs) and the UNA 9.0 version release is just around the corner. We are busy polishing UNA 9.0 to perfection - and have a whole lot more exciting additions planned for UNA 10 (but more of that later...)

You can read the full list of bug fixes and enhancements in RC12  here.

What this means for you…

As a developer in the Social Community space your interest is in building a community of humans to congregate and connect together - in an exchange of information and ideas. We get that, because it is at the heart of what we do too.

What we have now is an UNA that you can trust. A solid piece of software that can be configured to realise the social community that you always imagined. Our team and amazing community are available to support you to create this and build your community into what we all know that it can be.

The vision with UNA was always to create a platform to support the dreamers to realise their dreams. Many of the features for UNA are now fully functional in either our Free or Pro Plan - with many other cool features and configurations being added to the UNA Market every day.

What’s next? For you and for us.

UNA 9.0 should be released within next few months. This release has been 6 years in the making and to say that we excited about it is possibly an understatement. The full box of UNA modules is an extremely capable platform and in the right hands we believe it should be available to create just about any configuration that you can imagine.  As we often say - UNA is very similar to a Lego set - there is a large box of bits that can be constructed into almost any type of Social Community website that you would want - but many of us need some support and guidance to know how or what to build.

For any enterprise clients with specific requirements that need to be developed - we have an amazing development team who can apply themselves to directly to your project to help you get your website built properly and fast.

For those who prefer to DIY we are in the final stages of building our UNA Start Guide, which will continue to evolve into a fully featured UNA-versity - and for some of you who are hovering in the middle - would like to DIY but feel stuck on a few features - our team can help there too - we can assist in building one part of your project or all of it.

So if you’ve got the vision and want to see some magic happen, we’ve got the tools, the team and the know how.

If you are feeling inspired and would like to talk , please reach out and make contact - through the forums or email us at support@una.io, let’s talk about your projects and how UNA and the Boonex team can help to make them happen.

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    • Wonderful, congrats. Is there a visual of the upcoming UNA 9.0? Thanks!

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      • Please clarify what you mean by a 'visual' newsocial ?

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        • It’s very close now. Alex T⚜️ Is notoriously careful and wants RCs without features, while I often push for release AND new features. I’ve been away for a few weeks though and the team managed to clean things up without much distraction. So we are  likely to release the GM build in a week or so. 

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          • I should explain why we keep doing this RC thing... We could release the full version and follow up with service updates, which is same as releasing consecutive RCs, but for is a final version means that we can go all out promoting, marketing and basically bringing much more people to the UNA community. The prolonged prerelease testing is a way to keep the community more ambient, and therefore more efficient. 

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          • With UNA our production is only  limited by our dreams <3

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            • Dream big Cem Bagdatli !

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            • UNA RC12 is released - the good ship UNA is now ready to sail you towards your dreams…

              Sorry, but not mine, yet they are reasonable I assure you. I often read Andrew talking about dolphin by comparing him to a Swiss army knife. Yes, a Swiss army knife can do everything. But precisely on this aspect of things, Una is still far behind dolphin.

              In my opinion, it is not Una who is in question, it is the market which remains poor compared to that of Dolphin. I know that AQB works, but AQB can not do everything.

              In this regard, did Modzzz get lost on the way? I believe that he is sorely lacking a person like him who is capable of imagining and exploiting all the possible paths, other than the "simple" social network.

              If I can take this picture a little simplistic, I admit, you have foruni the paper of exceptional quality, but it lacks the colored pencils to color his dreams, or perhaps not to exaggerate, that the box contains only a few pencils.

              That said, I still think that Alex is right not to put the cart before the horse and move cautiously.

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              • Pay before join is high on my wish list

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                • EducatedSingles - Already you can configure this setup with paid levels and using Permissions Builder - set up a basic/free account that has only extremely limited access to the site, perhaps only access to your Market page? Once they paid, they have increased access to whatever parts of the site that you deem appropriate. You can read more about Paid Levels here: https://github.com/unaio/una/wiki/Paid-Levels-App

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                  • Hello Mark, yes, rest assured, I will not hang myself right now, I just bought the rope :-)

                    I am still here because I am well aware of what you explain to me, I know that the road is long and difficult. and you have to put one foot and then the other.

                    For ideas, I have a lot. But useless to talk to make wind.

                    If you want an example, read here and look at the date, just a module, and I'm still waiting ... AQB knows me well, he knows in advance what he will sell me. But you know they are not 250 guys and they can not cut their brain into 8 parts.

                    Already, I'm waiting for all their modules related to security, they know well, useless that I give other ideas before that. I will not ask for dessert before the main course you understand?

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                  • Greetings to all!

                    Thank you for the great UNA.

                    I do not need dreams, but the "subcategories"...  of one particular thing. I want to create "The Bible" module, but it needs "subcategories". 

                    I think it's a very necessary thing in other modules.

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                    • Hi kosis have you considered build the Bible Module on the Spaces Module framework? It gives the ability to create Spaces and SubSpaces - Books>Chapters...

                      Perhaps this could work for you?

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                      • Thank you very much for the suggestion. I work on it.

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                      • Hi Mark Purser I am interested to build Bible module, please could you give more info about Spaces Module framework ?

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