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How to Customise a Page in UNA for Mobile,Tablet or Desktop viewports

In this tutorial we explain how to create uniques pages optimised for mobile, tablet or desktop view via the pages builder in UNA Studio. Using this powerful configuration system in UNA Studio you can create a page view that works perfectly for any device.

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Comments (5)
    • This is a super video, Mark. Much thanks!

      My Timeline Posting box (add post) does not appear on my phone. But it does on my Desktop. It seems that I have phone selected in the show viewport setting but I cannot remove the phone setting. Any ideas?

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      • Hi banisterΒ  hold the command key and click on the one that you want to remove.

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      • Thank you for the kind and prompt reply. I must also tell you that I have benefitted from your many other posts, too. You write and speak with great clarity which is essential on an international forum such as una.io.

        Yes, I attempted your workaround and sure enough the phone was no longer selected to be hidden in the new block. I cleared the site and browser (phone) caches. But the Post to Timeline Box still does not appear on the mobile home page.

        But wait... Β  :) Β  Β ... after I logged in - THEN it was there. Only logged in users can post. Haha. So, your workaround did the job! Way to go!Β 

        Still if there is a way I can get into the database and remove the "hide from phone" setting from the original block, I would like to know how. I do not have the option to delete that block, you see.Β 

        Perhaps AT can help us find that setting or show us how to delete this (old) box entirely. Rather than just deactivating it.

        Again, thank you Mark.

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        • Thanks banisterΒ ! Pro tip from Alex T⚜️ - hold the command key and click on the one that you want to remove - I tried, it works!

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          • Wonderful news! It works because AT made it to work...

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