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React Jot update

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      • The pipeline is Dolphin 7.4 (almost done, a few days left), UNA 9.1 and then JOT 1. Note that current Messenger in UNA is getting own updates separate from JOT cycle - they share a lot of code, but current Messenger will only be replaced by JOT when it’s absolutely production-ready. 

        • Aha! I suspected Alexey to test the hybernation, but no! :-)
          What I do not understand with React Jot, it will work on mobile only as an overlay? Or will it work on all devices, much like a special template? Not clear for me ....

          • React Jot Update is going to be the mobile version?

            • It's a ReactJS shell, which will be used as a website interface but designed to be responsive same as Jot Messenger - switching between 1/2/3 column modes. 

              In the meantime, we ALSO work on ReactNative apps, which will provide ability to enable push notifications in iOS and will also give some native UI elements like side menu, launch bar, search box, etc. The trick is that when you're using the site features in WebView it may end up feeling not as smooth and fast as a native app, but if you're using a ReactJS frontend in WebView it would feel just like a native app. 

              In other words - React JOT is NOT a mobile app per se, but it is part of the structure of the mobile app. 

            • it's the live streaming!!?

              It's available from the profiles ?

            • Is this just a 'one to one'/'one to many' solution only?  Is there 'many to many' capabilities?

              • Jitsi allows to use their server by default and don't need to install own, but if you like to use your own it is possible.

                • Using Jitsi server would mean that our data would be at risk of others viewing what our users discuss correct?

                  • As far as I see from documentation communication is encrypted and only talk's participants and video bridge has access into the channel. Video bridge it is server through which all users are connected. It means that Jitsi server encrypts the communication, but decrypts it on server side and if you set video bridge on your own server, your security guarantees will be roughly equivalent to an end-to-end encrypted call.

                    Also p2p calls (between two member) are not decrypted with server side and you have end-to-end encrypted call even if you use jitsi server.

                  • How does React Jot version handle jitsi-meet on Android?  Does it bring up a desktop version or the Android app (the default behavior)?  

                    • For web versions we will use Jitsi web integration and it should work fine through browsers on Android and IOS.

                    • This looks very interesting and promising 😀 

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                        • Just sliding through here and sharing some idea. Since I reside in the NJ/NY area, these people here love immediate notification of any friends or followers. I really do hope this Jitsi messenger, it will be awesome to use, just saying. :)

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