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The e-Volution of India

I picked up this article last week - I was interested to read of a U.S. investment analyst espousing the future of Indian tech.  It's a fascinating space, such a huge country, with an ethos of innovation and diligence.

We are really interested in the social media space in India - with the majority of the population speaking English,  an existing culture of community building and interconnectivity - we are sure that there is a bright future for UNA powered social communities on the sub-continent.

This article points to a number of brilliant Indian tech innovations that are supporting this country to bunnyhop many of the issues restricting this large and generally poor population from engaging with digital communications and the banking sector. Incredible India indeed.

 We are working with a few interesting clients at the moment, either in India or focussed on India. We would love to know more if anyone else is working in this space, has experiences to share, come and say namaste!

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