UNA v9b2 released.

The second Beta of the upcoming v9 release is available for download. We are now getting very close to a feature-final package release and a wide public rollout. 

This update is easily the most important step up we have ever taken. It brings new features, new name, connects everything to the UNA.io and finally introduces the new licensing policy. It's BIG big!


UNA is now distributed under MIT license. No limits, no catch. Download and use it as you will. Our pricing plans and business model, in general, is all about support. 

UNA Apps Market

The UNA acronym stands for United Networking Applications. All plugins, modules, integration, templates and languages are treated as "Una Apps". All the downloadable UNA Apps are now distributed via UNA Apps Market, which can be accessed from within your UNA-powered site Studio configuration system. Apps installation and updating process is automated.

Developers can now start building UNA Apps and submit them to the Market for review. We plan to launch full Market functionality in 2-3 weeks. All Apps will be pre-moderated and payments will go through UNA.io, with 80/20 revenue sharing. More details will be announced along with the Market update.

UNA v9 Beta 2


Core Enhancements

  • Auto-complete for location field to make sure correct address is used
  • Stripe payment provider integration for one-time and recurring payments. Now supporting Stripe, Chargebee and PayPal. 
  • The new base template called "Protean", featuring Styles - UI customisation settings.
  • Code injection interface for all those "paste this code..." for header and body sections of pages.
  • Studio storage interface
  • Individual "Page Covers" support for every page

New Apps

  • Events
  • Discussions (Forum)
  • Google Connect
  • LinkedIn Connect
  • Twitter Connect
  • DataFox (integration)
  • Intercom (integration)
  • Mailchimp (integration)

All apps are currently available for free download and use, all under MIT license. Some apps will be marked as "Premium" later on, and will be listed for a small monthly fee. You only need to pay the fee to be able to access automatic apps updates and direct support for them. 


You only need to download the package if you plan to perform a fresh installation. If you are on a service plan with us, don't worry about it - we will arrange the update for you. 


Update from v9b1 to v9b2

If you have 9.0.0-B1 version and it was upgraded from Trident 8 then execute the following SQL query to correct the version number in the database:

UPDATE `sys_modules` SET `version` = '9.0.0-B1' WHERE `version` = '9.0.0.B1' AND `name` = 'system';

Also make sure that your site is updating to Beta branch, ensure that you have the following line in inc/classes/BxDolUpgrader.php file:

protected $_sUrlVersionCheck = 'http://rss.boonex.com/trident-beta/';


NOTE 1: New key&secret is needed before running upgrade, get new one here

NOTE 2: Site will be not working after core files update, so wait a minute while modules are updated

NOTE 3: If new modules aren't installing - logout from the studio and login again

NOTE 4: For some new functionality Google Maps API key is needed (Studio > Settings > General > Google Maps API key). Instructions for setting up Google Maps key (Getting started section).

If you're running Trident v8 still it may be worth waiting for final release of UNA v9 to perform an update.


Rough Times

A lot is happening at once. In the software world, it means that things can go wrong. We did out best to prepare for this day (took us 5 years so far), but we know that a major feature update, Marketplace release, licensing restructuring and support site launch happening all at once is not a trivial matter. We will be iterating, informing, updating, helping and answering questions A LOT over the next few weeks. Stay tuned and you won't regret. It is the very beginning of a great journey and we truly appreciate your company.


Thank you!

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