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UNA Update - What’s going ON??

Things might have seemed a little quiet around here on UNA.IO in recent months, not a lot of new content, nor releases, you could easily think that there hasn’t been much going on. 😴

You might be wrong...😉

We rarely rest at UNA - we are always got something going on. 🤓🔥⛏💪🏽

Since the release on UNA 9.0  the UNA Team have been very busy working on a number of large custom implementations based on UNA Platform. Working closely with clients who have specific needs for their sites - exploring and expanding the scope and capability of UNA.

As always many of these developments will filter down into the UNA core in the coming releases, ultimately evolving the capabilities of UNA benefit all users.

UNA Team might have been slow on releases (not for long, April is going to be HUGE, see below for some sneak peeks) but the community has been picking up the slack.

New Themes

There are some great new themes in the UNA Market thanks to AQB Soft, UNA Themes, UNA French 🆔 & OW Visuals 

Take a peek in the UNA Market for the new themes available here.

Each theme offers the option of a spiffy new look for your UNA site, installing a fresh style mix into your UNA site is as simple as changing your T-Shirt. In the case of AQB Soft there is a whole new template to explore, with 'OnMouseOver' submenus available for Desktop view.

JOT Messenger Update

UNA JOT Messenger now with email notifications.

Last week Alexey quietly dropped an awaited update of the Jot Messenger.

Now users may choose how to receive notification (by site, email or push) and also how often, limiting the number of notifications if the chat becomes busy.

At this point it is also probably important to differentiate between the React JOT and the UNA JOT - as they will ultimately become different solutions. We will probably transfer the JOT moniker to the React JOT and the UNA JOT will become UNA Messenger.


Both Alex T⚜️ and Andrew Boon have been working on not so secret projects over the last couple of months - Alex on the greatly anticipated UNA Native Apps and Andrew on the UNA Dolphin solution.

Each project adds another cool tool in the toolkit for UNA Community Developers. Here is a sneak peek of the Dolphin Solution and the UNA Native App...

Sneak Preview of the UNA Dolphin Solution - your preconfigured, out of the box, Social Community Solution - coming soon to an UNA Cloud near you.

UNA Apps are nearly here...

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    • Good to hear you are alive and kicking. I had my worries.

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      • EducatedSingles no need to worry, we are just warming up... 😎 

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        • I was not really really worried. UNA is still so much better than Dolphin and our site is working almost perfectly

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        • Mark Purser - So where is that Facebook looking theme in the Market? 😏 

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          • The Dolphin Solution is actually a configuration, based on the Lucid template, which is already available in UNA Market. 

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            • Not sure what you mean. Is there a mix for lucid in the market place?  I have lucid and I'm interested in that splash screen layout for unauthorized homepage.

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              • The image is taken from our ‘Dolphin Solution’ which will be released in a couple of weeks.

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              • Waiting for the apps impatiently!

                I actually stopped promoting for new members to prevent further frustration of users without apps.

                Hope they will arrive soon...

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                • Cem they are being tested right now. 

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                  • Same thing for me, I'm stuck somewhere between the old world (dolphin) and the new world. I try to maintain the balance between the two, but it's not easy. I would like so much to give up my old site and go on the new one. Another taste of too little ...

                    Mark, just to be sure, are you talking about April 2019 or 2020? I noticed that time does not always flow at the same speed for us and for you. Una Team always too optimistic for the announced deadlines, never in advance, always late. According to Andrew, we should already have v10.

                    But I'm reassured to hear from Andrew, I miss Vlog, it was nice. I suspect you run in all directions ...

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                  • UNA native mobile apps will be released in the next couple of weeks. The intial versions will be very simple to ensure we get the basics right. once released we will be adding bells and whistles regularly. 

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                    • Will be looking forward to it

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                      • what is gonna be? finally we can make mobile applications?

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                        • musicaccess - yes :) 

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                        • By the way I’m posting this from iOS native app (via TestFlight). 

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                          • is it going to be included in the una subscription or we have to purchase a new one?
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                            • Included. 

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                            • android. apple?

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                              • Thank you. Will there be a service to submit to app stores ? 

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                                • it's included in X plans, but it will be 3rd party services, I think.

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                                  • Will the sound and vibration notifications possible for the initial release of the apps?

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                                  • Mark Purser Do you have a date locked down for 9.1 release?  I want to make sure I'm looking at my site when we update.

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                                    • No date locked down, but very soon - we will keep you posted. If you are worried about site stability during update, perhaps turn off auto updates in studio so you can control the timing.

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