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We had 1st of June as the due date for UNA 10, but it had to be moved to 15th of June (for the first upgradable Beta). Here's what's going on and why we had to delay the update:

1. In the last few weeks, we got a number of scale-related reports which we decided to address as a priority. Some issues in newer modules show up only when sites reach certain activity level, sometimes in circumstances that are nearly impossible for us to simulate. For example, sending tens of thousands of push notifications when a popular member makes an update or timeline load for a site with over 1000 online users for active followers that follow thousands of posting members (while still running off a single hosting server, without separating/clustering database, media processing or mail/notifications workers). Now, that more and more UNA-powered sites become very active we get a chance to optimise for such situations. This is an absolute priority, resulting in better overall performance, cleaner code and better UX. Most of the time is spent researching and reproducing the issues, which in turn affects the development schedule.

2. iOS/Android/MacOS/Win apps are still new territory for our team, so optimisations come slower than we hope they would. We'll be only getting better at this. 

3. The much anticipated Delayed Video Publishing feature is quite challenging - it's not just about posting an item a bit later. We have to account for editing, videos in Updates/Posts/Discussions, notifications handling, etc. 

4. Global Labels is the first system-wide (not just module-specific) content taxonomy with nested hierarchy. It's a big deal, and even though the first implementation will be "barebone" we must make sure that future updates won't break content structure for anyone who starts using it actively from the first release.

5. There is a whole lot of new features and fixes in this version.

And generally, it looks like the need for a real open-source alternative to social networking monopolies is throwing new challenges every day. New ambitious projects in social, political, business, entertainment spheres keep coming in. It does often feel like we're way over our heads with the whole endeavour (a small team building an all-in-one software platform for just about any kind of multiuser network), new obstacles emerge daily, the scope of activities is growing, we keep bootstrapping, toughing it out... but more and more often we see real sites building momentum, changing the paradigm, taking on the biggest problems in the world - and that is all the motivation we need. 

Stay tuned!

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    • Can I have React Jot while ya'll are working on UNA 10? 😏 😎 

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      • This comment kind of scares me "Beta should be available with UNA10. " - We already know that UNA 10 is going to go through several Betas.. So, should we expect React Jot to be release with the UNA Beta on June 15th or did you mean that the React Jot Beta will not be available until UNA 10 final is released?  

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        • Jot should be part of the first beta. 

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          • This is great to read! It would be great to have access in Studio to the different UI components to build pages.

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          • Before anyone posts an angry or nasty message at Andrew Boon for more delays. Please consider that is the last thing an overworked team needs. 

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            • Its all good Andrew Boon this is good news but can you please answer the following questions  please;

              1) When is the react jot going to be released?

              2) The loading speed on the UNA app is slow has it been fixed?

              3) Will the video call and voice call feature be added to the messenger in this coming release?

              4) When can we get a stable UNA 10 release?

              5) Can we get video tutorials for UNA 10?

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              • Yes, but maybe you do not have a site with people asking for major improvements and angry people because you promised something that does not come? I will not say anything naughty, just maybe advise to stop announcing dates and plans that are and will never be held, whatever the reasons. It is doubtful that Una Team does not get up in the morning with the idea of scuttling his community. So, lucipher  needless to ask this question (1), how do you get the date of a final version, when already the date of the first beta has been postponed ever since April?

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              • I totally understand the troubles that comes with building an OSS that's universally usable but I feel it will be more or less stressful if you just create modules that integrates all those functionalities instead of making UNA10 an all in one Open source software. 

                WordPress is always an empty software after installation but users have the option of building whatever website they want by installing templates and plugins. That would have made things less and less stressful if UNA did that. 

                I'm not condemning this development, I mean it's great that you guys are able to come up with a software like this but it's a lot of work for the developers and less to nothing work for the users.

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                • That's pretty much what we do - shipping a simple "shell", and you can add UNA Apps - modules, templates, languages, etc. The difference with Wordpress is that we also develop a lot of the main modules ourselves.

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                  • Yes, that's a strong and remarkable point.

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                  • Very exciting news! Definitely cannot wait. Thanks a lot team!

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                    • Keep up the good work team, look forward to the updates

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                      • Is there a new ETA on the update?

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