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Dating module

Una team or una developers pleaseΒ add dating module, its essential and as i remember it was a key feature back in dolphin days....

  • The person who register (or in edit profile) will have an option to check if he single or other relevant status and want to use dating module, if so he will be enlisted with others like him
  • the module will have option of privacy like to hide the module to non registered (point 1) hide from profile person block etc.
  • the module should have a dedicated search engine and its own people block
  • I let u use your imagination for the rest
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    • We don't want more modules that we will have to PAY for. We are paying for too many modules/apps already. I still can't believe that I'll have to renew subscription to apps that are close to $1000 at the end of the year.

      Why must we pay for common features that should be free.Β 

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      • It will be free. It's just a costumizion in a need to do. Nothing too hard. Either way you dont have to buy it

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        • Are you on cloud?

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          • no

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          • Yes, as is my case, I can only approve what you are saying here. We now have a very good base but ... There is a lot of work to be done on this side, so there is not missing a module but a lot.

            A very simple example, I can not save my research, members have to fill each time the form, on a site where the big part is the activity is to search for people, it is very very boring !!! ! And yet it's not a heavy job to do, I asked for it over a year ago, I do not see anything coming. Hopeless ! what do I have to do ?

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            • Thank you for reminding about this:


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              • Great Alex, thank you, will be very helpful to everyone!

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              • I am calling to all dev teams around the world to contribute to this vital mission !

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                • It would have to be a preconfigured solution, not a module. Permissions, levels, search forms and profiles set up for a dating site.Β 

                  Will do it as soon as we release the SNS solution.Β 

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                  • how do you install a "preconfigured solution" ?! as i see it u just need to configure it at your end and publish this script here. so why not start it now as you have a ready platform for this task...

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                    • Hi Hodor, your request for a preconfigured solution surprises me, because I think you really are able to do it yourself. So that preconfigured solutions can be proposed, all the tools must be finished, available and reliable, so in my opinion it is better to finish this first. I guess when the time comes, preconfigured solutions will be proposed with existing tools already, it will not be features created specifically for these versions, but rather packages with the already existing and available also for those who want to do so himself.

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                      • Hi, i can do some but independent module dedicated to this purpose is preferred. i cant do blocks with people who looks for relationship,i cant do search form for them (at least not that easy) either way as a social software this an essential feature.i think from the very start there was should be a dating module...

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                      • A dedicated dating solution would be very much welcomed. We would love that. On the other hand, it shouldn't just replicate what others do, because then there is no compelling advantage.

                        For instance, at Educated Singles we know a lot of well-educated singles are happy with being singles but they enjoy joining a community where they can hook up around professions, interests, etc. Then dating comes as a spin-off of that. Others, however, join with the prime purpose of dating. We need to have room for both, which makes UNA the best solution for that. But agreed, the dating facilities needs development and updates

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                        • Any pre-configured solution - such as a Dating Solution - would be just a starting point - with a lot of the configuration done to support the use case, as Andrew Boon suggests in the case of a dating solution it would be focussed on setting up Permissions, levels, search forms and profiles. Essentially a lot of the early considerations would have already been done.

                          Anyone who launched as site based up this solution would not be restricted to this - being a full UNA platform they could continue to develop, change design, edit search forms, menus add or subtract modules etc.

                          Baloo - I think we will add save search to next update - Alex T⚜️ will confirm. :)

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                        • Well, about the dating sites I meant this. It's a specialty like any other, just like dentistry for example. You can hope for a single module that will turn your site into a dating site in one operation in what you really want, but you will wait a long time because you have to have experience in this specific area. UNA Team will not hire a specialist for this, nor for all the fields in which UNA can work, so not a dentist, a florist, a mechanic, a doctor (hello Cem ), an othopedist, a photographer, a programmer, ah no is a bad example that :-) etc ..., no 's just not possible, the specialist is you. If you are not, uh ... it'll have to become one :-)

                          I encourage you to get started, a dating site with UNA is already possible since I did it. While it is not yet perfect but it is already producing results. To encourage you, look at this message that two members left me in my messenger one day ago:

                          image_transcoder.php?o=bx_froala_image&h=1703&dpx=1&t=1563926998I translate for you:

                          "Hello Baloo, bin here, you must know, there is a hurricane of joie de vivre that has landed in my life..fleurdesbois, Garance 😍 ... We decided to freeze our accounts, she will explain all this I also wanted to thank you for the site and all that you realize for the members .... I will recommend this site ... 😎😎😎😎"

                          In short, I replied that this news made me happy and that I passed on to the developers so that they know that their efforts produce results, so by the way, that's what I'm doing here too.

                          UNA Team, know that you participate to create couples here in Belgium!

                          So ok, it is missing things, and others are perfectible we agree. 10 will soon be stabilized and I guess AQB will be a little more available to provide the essential modules to further improve this. So I would say, still a little patience, I hope I'm not wrong, and the apps will turn UNA into a Swiss knife.

                          But do not wait, go ahead already, go for it! ;-) You know the advantage of an imperfect site for your members is to be able to regularly announce improvements, and it helps a lot to keep them a long time, they quickly understood that we always do better for them and forgive easily the small defects of youth.

                          If some people do not understand it, explain it to them, it will do you things to write and it's good for SEO if you do it intelligently!

                          Do you see that I happen to be optimistic!

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                          • Its should be independent module which deploy some forms, search forms and permissionΒ  nothing too complicated with tools that already existΒ 

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