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UNA 10 RC2 Released

UNA v.10.0.0-RC2 is out. With any luck, it should be the last RC before we release the final update.

  • Separate 'Create Post' system blocks for public posting and posting with custom privacy
  • FontAwesome Pro duotone icons support
  • and other smaller enhancements, including speed optimisations for Timeline feed
  • 22 bugfixes

Release notes with all details, as well as downloadable packages are at the UNA10RC2 Release page at GitHub.

If your UNA installation is linked to beta update channel, your site should update automatically. Try it out and let us know what you think...

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Comments (23)
  • hello,  Andrew Boon 

    please increase priority for these features:

    1, replace Google map with OSM or another location API;

    2,  amazon S3 v4, and more cloud storage option;

    3, improve 2FA and UI, and more solution like Authy.com or Microsoft Authoritarian etc. 

    4, more payments provider like Alipay, Yandex money.

    5, move fast on JOT, and integration Jitsi meet video meeting.  

    • Hello Andrew Boon , i would have to go to the link you provided to download the latest version, not through studio correct?

      • If you’re on RC1 and beta channel is on, it’ll update via Studio. If you’re on v9, you have to either step-upgrade to all betas and RCs or wait until v10 final is released and it will upgrade via Studio.

        Downloadable package is only for those who installs anew or needs to do manual merging for ‘severly‘ modified instances. 

        • Ok thanks, i guess i'll wait v10 final! You don't have an idea of more or less v10 final would be available?

          • In about 10 days if the RC2 holds. if not, we’d have another RC next week. 

          • Should I wait for full version or update now? Pros and cons?

          • It is nice to see that the train passes often, it's reassuring. Thank you for that.

            • Thanks for consistently improving and making UNA the premier platform to develop on.

              • Thanks for making the light in the tunnel brighter and brighter. Good job.

                • i will re-download and start again im not going to do proper work till the final release im just getting a feel for the new U.I. great job una.io team

                  • installing una RC2 now i will take a few mins cant wait

                    • You and the UNA.io team have outdone your self's Andrew. for one the organizations profiles work great now and the new free theme ocean is excellent kudos on a great job keep it up your doing gods work :-D

                      • Set up RC2 and it’s working like a dream. Absolutely love the work put into this project. Thank you 

                        • One little thing I need help with! I've changed the language key for the welcome message at the top of the homepage but I couldn't get it to save with the code for the 'Join Now' button, any ideas? Can someone also give me the html for the join now button as I've lost it!

                        • My site didn't upgrade.. it acted like it was going to, and gave me a notification that I needed to upgrade any modifications, but it did not complete. Not sure what to do now. Is there a way to upgrade by uploading files by ftp or something?

                        • Andrew Boon Can we please have a guide on setting up OneSignal? Can't get it to work.

                        • Andrew Boon There are unanswered questions on this post.  Why?  If you don't have an answer then just say, "I don't know" instead of not answering at all.

                          Someone gave me a link to this post to answer the same question that Blythe J asked on the 23rd; here it is Sept 1.

                          • This is an announcement post. Comments are meant to be comments. If someone needs support, they are meant to ask in the Forums - create a discussion - that way nothing slips. 


                            Is UNA10 production-ready?

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