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UNA 10 "Acrux" Released

How long does it take to deliver a baby? Almost exactly 9 months after UNA 9 we have finally rolled out the production-ready UNA 10 update. All sites connected to automatic updates should have received it by now. Anyone starting anew on UNA Cloud or with the downloadable package will now be able to launch with UNA 10. 

We decided to start using names of solar bodies as UNA codenames - just for fun and as a way of better remembering specific updates. This one will be called "Acrux" - which is the brightest star system in the Southern Cross constellation. It is, in fact, a 6-component system that looks like one 🌟. Similarly, UNA 10 is a combo-update that enables deployment of the website, iOS app, Android app, Windows app, MacOS app and a single-page ReactJS app, called JOT. The JOT app is currently still in development, but it will be released within the UNA 10 cycle.

What's new UNA 10 Acrux (compared to UNA 9)

Note: the number codes below represent issues in UNA GitHub repository. Go to UNA Releases page for more details on each issue.

New modules

  • Nexus - the "connector" app enabling support of the iOS, Android, MacOS and Win apps.
  • Plyr - the new HTML5 video player with customisable controls, PIP and resolution switcher.

System Enhancements

  • Minimal required PHP version was changed to 5.6 - #2029
  • Reactions - #2139 #1691
  • Relationships - #1907
  • Optimizations - #2114 #2100
  • Labels remake - #2102 #1960
  • Encoding to webm format was removed, instead 720p mp4 additional video format was added - #1852
  • Delayed publishing for posts with videos - #1465
  • Design changes - #2113 #2105 #2095 #2094 #2016 #1994 #1868 #1859
  • Ability to specify membership level as privacy for Admins - #1132
  • Homepage submenu - #2120
  • Automatic 'More' menu item for some menus - #2123 #1993
  • Option to hide item on mobile app in Pages and Menu builders - #2039
  • Ability to choose embed provider (Embedly, Iframely) or turn it off - #1982
  • Automatically renew browser's cache when system or module is updated when UNA cache is off - #2112
  • Don't send system email notification about Friend Request if Notifications module is enabled - #2087
  • Immediate subscription cancellation, instead of cancellation request - #2047
  • Enhancements in 'Live Updates' notification popups - #2059
  • Warn about wrong account during app purchasing in Studio Apps Market - #1876
  • Add support for Block End form element in Studio Forms builder - #1919
  • More descriptive error message for Studio multilingual field - #2077
  • 'Clear custom cache' action was added in Studio dashboard cache block
  • Retina images are more optimized for mobiles now - #2004
  • Add minimum word length setting which allows to search in global search - #1983
  • InnoDB support (some manual actions required) - #2130
  • Separate membership action for view voters list - #2129
  • Group based modules: improvements - #1908 #1782
  • Profile based modules: separate privacy field for post to - #1816
  • Profile based modules: display the same cover on all profile sub-tabs - #1816
  • Profile based modules: unit meta info enhancements - #2115
  • Profiles based modules: display number of friends and followers on profile view page - #2018
  • Persons based modules: simple browsing unit with just an image and title - #1961
  • Display users' avatars in manage grids - #2036
  • Autogenerated passwords are alphanumeric without special chars now - #2013
  • Count impressions in Views object - #1658
  • Service method support for list of checkboxes in search form - #2116
  • Service method which returns number of online users - #1959
  • readfile function was added to disable_functions checking in audit page
  • When form initialisation is complete bx-form-processed CSS class for form element is added - #1988
  • Some enhancements in informer - #2099
  • Language changes - #2060 #2050
  • Search by radius in custom search form - #2064
  • Notifications for reactions - #2188
  • Individual privacy groups - #1909
  • Notifications about comments actions - #2212
  • Reactions in comments - #2215
  • Notifications for reactions in Timeline - #2227
  • Individual privacy groups - #1909
  • Notifications about comments actions - #2212
  • Reactions in comments - #2215
  • Notifications for reactions in Timeline - #2227

Modules enhancements

  • Posts: allow to post different type of content (similar to post to Timeline) - #1630
  • Timeline: allow to repost from context - #2097
  • Timeline: get rid of duplicate posts - #2086
  • Timeline: design changes - #2085 #1930 #1898
  • Timeline: drag&drop uploader - #1713
  • Timeline: caching - #2040
  • Timeline: updates in get events list alert - #1900
  • Protean: Light and Dark mixes - #2096
  • Protean: design changes - #1869
  • Notifications: improved behaviour when switching from/to grouped mode - #2145
  • Notifications: scores support - #2138
  • Notifications: some enhancements - #2041
  • Notifications: better titles - #2002
  • Discussions: design changes - #1891
  • Conversations: new filter for unread messages - #2091
  • Events: some enhancements - #2125 #2090 #1992
  • Albums: some enhancements - #2089 #1991 #1918
  • Antispam: profanity words filter - #2028
  • Invitations: allow to set several emails in "Email to send invitation requests to" - #2068
  • Developer: allow to set/edit 'Hide On' for menu items in Menu builder - #2057
  • Persons/Orgs: add ability to search by email in persons administration grid - #2027
  • Persons/Orgs: online status on profile view page - #2019
  • Accounts: ability to show all unconfirmed accounts - #1972
  • Market: some enhancements - #1901 #1832
  • Analytics: mobile view change - #1874
  • Froala: update to v.3.0.0 - #2124
  • FontAwesome: update to v.5.9.0 - #2031

+ Over 200 bug-fixes.


  1. If you are updating via from v9 to v10, please make sure to reload modules update page in Studio multiple times and launch new updates repeatedly to apply all of them. 
  2. If you are using 3rd-party apps/modules, make sure that they are compatible with UNA 10 before proceeding with the update.
  3. If you are using custom style mixes, please note that your site may reset to a new default mix. More info here.
  4. If you are using Amazon S3 remote storage,  you need to rename bx_posts_files folder to bx_posts_covers in your S3 bucket.
  5. If you had the "Labels" feature enabled, then you need to re-enter labels in Studio > Forms > Labels builder. The new labels are site-wide (not module-specific).

What's next

Now we will be able to update tutorials, publish detailed feature descriptions, refresh documentation and resume our regular videos to tell more about UNA 10 and what you can do with it. Alex T⚜️ plans to announce regular live webinars shortly, which will be a great opportunity to ask technical questions in real-time. A tutorial on native apps deployment as well as the performance optimisation guide will be published in a few weeks.

UNA 11 feature set will be announced next month, though we expect to release a few follow-up/service updates for the Acrux first. 

Special thank you to all the community members who endured the lengthy beta-channel cycle and helped us to test all the betas and RCs! 

Thank you, team! 

🙏🏻 🙏🏻 🙏🏻 

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Comments (37)
  • I downloaded una on the 29th August and is shows as version 10.0.0 so now I'm not sure if I have the released version or what I downloaded was a beta/pre-release? 

    • My site is still screwed up after the 10.0.0 upgrade

    • Great job UNA team! Thanks so much for all the hard work and dedication. Also grateful for the ability to run the beta versions for testing and giving input. That's very helpful.

      • Pretty disappointed on how i have issues after the upgrade and been ignored, this is no bueno!

      • Hi, I'm trying to update from UNA 9.0.0 to UNA 10.0.0 and got a message that some images in templates are modified: cover images mostly. What should I do? Delete them? Any other suggestion?

      • Hi, I'm trying to update my site from dashboard. It says:
        Site will be upgraded within a minute.
        Don't forget to check for modules updates after that.

        But nothing happens... Any hint?

        • Most probably you have no cronjob setup for UNA or it's not setup correctly. Please make sure that cronjob for UNA is setup and it's running under the same user which owns UNA files.

        • we have updated our una site to 10.0.0-RC1 successfully and when trying to update to 10.0.0 version we got error in our database (cron job sends that error):

          SELECT `mime_type` FROM `sys_storage_mime_types` WHERE `ext` = ?

          Mysql error:
          MySQL server has gone away

          The error was found in getOne function in the file /home/qizjud21adde/public_html/social/inc/classes/BxDolStorageQuery.php at line 49.


        • I installed RC1 before this release. When I check my dashboard it says Version: 10.0.0 Installed: 23 Aug 2019. I take it this means I don't need to update again? Just keep it on the RC install?

        • My Homepage becomes inaccessible once am logged in. 

          Ever since I upgraded from 9.0.1 to 10 I have not been able to access my homepage, it loads fine but crashes when I try to login. I have completely updated all modules.

          If I browse inner pages and tries to login, it's successful, but after login and I try to access home it still crashes, even from the studio. Happened on both desktop and mobile device and chrome and Mozilla. See screenshot






          Please try figure out what gone wrong.

          It's my homepage and so disturbing.

          • DeDiary  most probably modules are still not updated, please go to Studio > Modules > Updates and apply all updates.  Please make sure to reload this page in Studio multiple times and launch new updates repeatedly to apply all of them.

            • I have no pending updates, but have hide the block and my homepage is working fine

            • After installing una 10.0.0. we got an error wrong incoming data when trying to download plugins or check our purchases in studioimage_transcoder.php?o=bx_froala_image&h=1929&dpx=1&t=1567580296

              • Please make sure that system is updated to the latest version and all modules as well, please make sure to reload this page in Studio multiple times and launch new updates repeatedly to apply all of them. If the problem still persists please send request to our support.

              • After updating to UNA 10, my homepage won't load. I think the issues is timeline module. It won't update to version 10. Kept bringing up error

                • Kelvin30286063 most probably modules are still not updated, please go to Studio > Modules > Updates and apply all updates.  Please make sure to reload this page in Studio multiple times and launch new updates repeatedly to apply all of them. 

                • Is there a new SEO guide with this UNA 11 release? 

                • I've lost this form on my home screen since the update. The page doesn't load the form. image_transcoder.php?o=bx_froala_image&h=1965&dpx=1&t=1567934919

                  • Create Post (context) will not work on Homepage. This form needs to be within a context module page (profile, group, space, event). Homepage is not a context. So, in UNA 10 there is a new “Create Post” block (system) that you can use instead. Previously we only had “Create Post (public). 

                    The “Create Post” block will allow users to choose target context via Provacy/visibility field. 

                  • The 10.0.0 upgrade went smooth with no issues.  These UNA upgrades are so much easier than the old Boonex Dolphin upgrades.  😃 

                    • I have Database Connection errors after update to Version 10. what can i do?

                      • Mobile app guide needs update to be more detailed.  Building the app without issues like una.io app.  

                        Video tutorial or just text  with images guide that works will be fine.

                        Anyway back to the issues the Useragent UNA Mobile Platform Os //code need to be //commented in App.js for the demo apk to work. 

                        Still after we finally made a demo apk the bottom nav / Footer nav dont appear. And top left drawer nav for mobile when click still shows login, join and forgot pass even thou we are already logged in.

                        Any proper guide solution to this part is vital for final launching of the website.

                        Hope you guys will give this area a proper attention. As we already paid nexus for nothing just sayimg.

                        Thank you and God bless Una Team

                        • Hi guys,
                          we have installed the 10.0.0 on Sep 13 and we did a clean install.
                          We can not install multiple plugins

                          We've contacted the support and Alex T⚜️, told us to delete the plugin and install it again. But the same problem is there. 



                          Modules that can not be installed:

                          • Channels - 10.0.4
                          • Posts - 10.0.5
                          • Timeline - 10.0.4 
                          • Discussions - 10.0.5
                          • Conversations - 10.0.4
                          • Google connect - 10.0.1
                          • LinkedIn connect - 10.0.1
                          • Payment - 10.0.3
                          • OAuth2
                          • Messenger

                          This is now a real problem. 

                          Can you please tell us what to do?

                          • When is the stable version going to be available?

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